The Process of ‘Customer Enablement’ Made Easy by a Technology Solutions Provider

The Process of ‘Customer Enablement’ Made Easy by a Technology Solutions Provider

First let us understand what exactly ‘Customer Enablement’ is. It is basically the overall strategies organizations use to empower, enable, enhance and bolster customer experience, while he/she, or for that matter an entity, is looking to buy a product, service or idea. It is all about gaining customer insights and tracking their activities. It is mainly to provide your customers with the right set of tools/software, mechanisms, training and resources, so that they’re able to use your products and services.

It is mainly the B2B and SaaS companies that require customer enablement, and the associated strategies. It is basically required to educate customers about any new product/service launch, and how they can feel comfortable using it. It can be in the form of virtual or software enabled demonstrations, onboarding and community-based online forums. Therefore, it is the company executives that equip the end-users, with the materials required to achieve the targets and set goals. It is all about enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty with a brand. This process can also be referred to as the other side of the coin of sales enablement.

Why Do Organizations Need Customer Enablement?

As customer service & support is the backbone of any company, it becomes imperative to have a robust customer enablement strategy to generate loyal customers and provide them with a healthy experience. It is especially after the world was gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for one such process was felt even more by business entities and organizations worldwide that directly interacted and engaged with customers. According to certain business trends, statistics and data, almost 82% of buyers revealed that a positive customer experience increased the chances that they would become repeat customers, and visit the store again to buy the same or a different product. And, nearly 73% of customers said, they’ve made a purchase decision, based upon the quality of customer support. So, you can well understand why such a customer-centric strategy is the core to the success of any business.

It is interesting to note that CE is pivotal to or a pillar for providing exceptional customer service, across platforms, industry verticals and business domains. Almost one-third of US companies have registered a 25-30% increase in their customer engagement over the last two years, with a robust enablement process, by engaging their customers or targeted audience. As the overall sales environment has  become immensely competitive and demanding, there must be a foolproof customer education process that educates, enables and empowers them to think independently and choose a particular product or services, based upon their own experience. This is where enablement becomes so important.

5 Best Practices for Customer Enablement (CE)

  • Building communities of customers
  • Educating, empowering & making customers knowledgeable
  • Encouraging feedback from customers, and implementing them
  • Making customer support an easy process to avail
  • Helping customers find what they need and a positive experience

So, you need to have a proper customer onboarding process, training modules, online guide & tutorials for making your set of targeted audience knowledgeable, so that they’re able to make an informed buying decision. And that is only possible when you’ve partnered with a technology geek or a service provider like “Guidde” that has years of experience in providing solutions in the area of customer & sales enablement, as well as employee enablement. It is by providing the right set of enablement software and virtual learning tools. This eventually helps in a smooth customer onboarding.

Educating Customers

Well, apart from offering self-service study materials, manuals and other virtual/online resources, in the form of knowledge bases, FAQ pages, blogs and demos, one such technology service provider also provides videos that help buyers achieve what they want. When your customers or clients are confident about your products/services/brand, they would definitely invest in it and become loyal customers. It is basically about empowering and passing the right knowledge to your customers. It can be through video communication or any other form of interactive content. And, when they are on a common platform, your customers can even create their own content and share internally.

An expert agency like “Guidde” offers a robust training program for end-users or buyers that want to become more proficient in using a certain product or service from a particular brand. So, there are ‘certification programs’ that allow your company to gain a certain amount of expertise in one such buyer or client enablement process. While you’re implementing the education and training programs in the form of videos, demos, text or voice, it is advised to use gamification features like badges & leaderboards, in order to encourage your customers to complete them. You can also opt for creating explainer videos and webinar recordings on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or on a native video player on your website. This is how you educate your customers.

Encourage Customer Feedback

If your customers are able to share their experiences about a particular product or service on a certain platform, you also need to encourage them to give their feedback. In this way, you can make certain key improvements in the operations, supply chain, quality or logistics process through the consumer feedback. This is how you’re able to find out any knowledge gaps, and thereafter strengthen the weak points and fill the gaps.

Enabling Easy Customer Support

The most appropriate way to enable your customers is to make it real easy for them to get help & support across desks, and when they actually need it the most. A ‘poor’ customer service experience frustrates any customer or client, and they would never be your ‘repeat’ buyers. So, you need to ensure that your customers or end-users are able to reach or connect with you over channels like WhatsApp or Instagram DMs for getting all the necessary support and assistance.

Final Words

The process of Customer Enablement is the key to survival in the present situation, when business and marketing dynamics are changing and evolving across the board to stay ahead in the rat race, by satisfying buyers, customers and end-users of any brand, product or services. Therefore, it is now an integral aspect of any company or organization that solely depends on customers, and wants to engage with them in a seamless and effortless manner. This is basically to enrich user-experience and drive more sales and revenue for a business entity.



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