How do PRO traders use MT4 for MAC OS?

How do PRO traders use MT4 for MAC OS?

MetaTrader 4 is a well-known and in some ways even a cult trading terminal, which is used by most Forex traders. With its help, you can send orders to brokers, perform market analysis and use the tips of trading advisors. Let’s talk in more detail about how to use a program downloaded from

What does the platform look like? 

The main page of the MT4 for MAC OS contains five sections. The place in the center is reserved for the price chart of the currency pair. It shows the dynamics of changes in value.

On the left side, there are several more blocks – “Market Review”, as well as “Navigator”. The first part indicates the complete list of assets that the broker allows you to trade. In the second – available trading accounts, advisors and indices. Just above the chart, along the entire length of the monitor, there is a menu and a navigation bar that provides instant access to the options of the MetaTrader 4 terminal – switching between trading periods and graphic elements.

Features of the terminal

The specialists tried to simplify the operation of the trading terminal as much as possible. Let’s talk about the issues that most often bother first-time MT4 for MAC OS users.

How to open a deal?

The first method: on the taskbar, find the “New Order” and go there. A window opens in which it is necessary to indicate the main factors of the contract: 

  • take profit;
  • stop-loss;
  • lot;
  • currency pair.

Next, click Buy or Sell.

The second option: double-click on a promising currency pair in the “Market Watch” section. A similar window is loaded, but the desired resource is already indicated.

How to add different indicators to the chart?

In the “Navigation” item, you can find a complete list of MetaTrader 4 indices. Just click on the plus next to the corresponding item. A list of all available indicators will open. Drag and drop what you want onto the currency pair chart.

If you plan to use indicators that are not provided in the MetaTrader 4 base version, you will first need to add them to the platform. Download the file, the name of which contains .ex4 or .mq4. and drag it into the agent directive. Only after this procedure, the name of the auxiliary instrument for trading will appear in the navigation window. It will be immediately ready for use.

Additional functionality of MetaTrader 4 for MAC OS

Not only basic functions are available in the program. The trader can also:

  • Use trading assistants – to do this, in the menu “View” we find “Strategy Tester”. We select a commercial robot and testing standards (assets, time period, etc.) and click “Start”. The program will make a guess as to how the assistant would have acted previously and provide a detailed economic report.
  • Carry out graphic research – the Quick Access Toolbar offers an impressive menu that allows you to draw different polygons on your charts.
  • Add software from third-party experts – many high-quality scripts have been created that allow you to automate routine processes and save a lot of time – close open deals, set stop losses, delete pending orders, etc.
  • Add sound alerts – in the Trading section, there is an Alerts tab. Here you can set the signal that will sound if the price reaches the desired level.

In addition, each user can read materials, news, and communicate on social networks without closing the trading platform.

What is the main advantage of this platform?

Traders prefer this program due to its efficiency, convenience, and functionality. MT4 for MAC OS is great for novice traders who have no experience in trading various assets. However, having mastered this area, you can also continue to use this trading terminal. Also, the platform meets the needs of advanced users.

Over to you

The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a flexible commercial platform with a wide range of analytical functions. In terms of stability, it is not inferior to other programs for traders, and in terms of ease of development and comfort, it leaves them far behind. 

Download this tool and become a PRO trader in a matter of months!


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