How Explainer Videos Educate the Audience About a Brand?

How Explainer Videos Educate the Audience About a Brand?

Marketing gurus have introduced the most effective marketing strategies in this digital world. Nowadays, explainer videos have become a hot trend. The main benefit of using explainer videos is the outreach. Embed an explainer video to your website’s homepage; it will improve your conversion rate.

Generally, marketers use explainer videos to educate, provide information, and grab the viewer’s attention. It is ideal to invest in it as it improves your website traffic. That is why we have seen an increase in the number of video animation agencies in recent years.

Explainer videos connect with the audience and enable user-friendly stimuli and give them an engaging experience.

If you want to know about how much a video can cost, we have the answer to this question. Well generally, the cost of video production ranges from 2,000 US to 7,000 USD. However, the prices depend on the animation’s style and the studio.

Let’s look into this blog; we will discuss how you can use explainer videos to educate your audience about your brand.

Provides Worthy Information About Services or Products

If you highlight key features of your products or demonstrate how your product is fulfilling customers’ needs, it can boost your sales. Explainer video saves viewers time, as you can deliver your message in a two to 3 minutes video.

People prefer to watch explainer videos as they perceive that you also respect their time. They get valued information in minutes about your product features. Moreover, the time duration of the explainer video should be two to three minutes.

You can use explainer videos in emails and posts on social media. The best thing is that you can send these videos to a prospect before a sales meeting or pitch.

Share your Corporate Values and Achievements

Google arranges search results based on the information featured in videos over those that do not. It allows a well-made video to gain user appreciation.

Moreover, you can also incorporate text in a video to deliver your message to viewers who mute video and advertisements.

It is not essential to use ads in videos. You can share a company’s message, display awards and achievements, or make a brand announcement. 

Offer Solutions to your Customers

Animated videos can include a fun element in a few seconds that improves customer relationships. Highlight the solution to the customer problem and how your company solves it with the best solution.

87% of marketers think that videos increase their website traffic. 80 % noticed a significant increase in sales.

It will Improve your online Visibility

Embed an animated video on your website; it persuades your users to stay longer. Generally, people prefer to watch videos due to the fun element they play every video they find.

Google calculates the time that users spend on your website. Google considers people spending more time, which means your content is interesting. They reward this and rank your website in the top searches.

They create Brand Awareness

Use an engaging animated explainer video modified to suit your brand’s communications. It will deliver your message to the audience effectively. Combine it with your corporate values to build brand awareness; they will help your audience remember your brand.

It Boosts conversions and Sales

Animated explainer videos increase conversion rate by 20% on average. Undoubtedly, when you embed a video on your homepage, it improves your sales.

Influence the Audience to take action

These videos are so engaging. It is easy to influence the decision-making of viewers and influence them to take the desired action. You can add a call to action and influence viewers to fill out a form, subscribe to your newsletter etc.

Videos Improve shareability

Nowadays, people love watching and sharing videos due to their fun elements and valuable details. Everyone loves to share exciting information with their peers. Undoubtedly, videos have become the most shared content on the internet!

Visual and Verbal Element is Ideal for Conveying your Message

In explainer videos, you can blend verbal and visual learning to create a compelling combination that enhances communication. It is why videos are so beneficial.

Explainer videos mix all these elements with appealing visuals and a powerful message. It creates a strong influence on the decision-making of viewers.

Mobile Users Prefer to Watch Videos

In recent years, there has been a massive increase in mobile video views, which most likely increases even more. Everyone carries a phone in their pocket, people are connected 24/7, and they are keen to learn new information.

Videos adjust to mobile screens better than text, which is the favorite medium for most people. These reasons are enough to prove why animated explainer videos are so famous.

These reasons explain why animated sales videos are so popular and will get more and more popular in the future. It has become a hot trend and will get more famous in the future.

Captures Viewers Attention

In today’s date, it is incredibly challenging for brands to get noticed by the audience. Viewers’ attention in this era is an asset, and businesses struggle to get it. According to a study, we learned that human beings’ attention period is now even less than a goldfish.

How to get the attention of your customers in a time when brands bombard them with ads? Incorporate a video in your marketing strategy. An explainer video is a highly effective tool that helps to grab the viewer’s attention.

The human brain connects more easily with entertainment videos than conventional content. Looking at an innovative animated video develops your interest, and you watch it completely.

It is because it triggers your interest and provides an exciting medium to learn new concepts.

However, TV ads are not that much engaging. While watching TV ads, there is a tedious interruption trying to convince you to purchase a product.

Moreover, you can embed a video in your blog; it does not slow down the loading speed like heavy images.

Make your Complex Topics Easy to understand

We cannot explain the features of every single product as. Some technical products, such as equipment, software, and so on, require complete explanation.

An explainer video helps educate viewers about the product; if they understand its use, they will purchase it. Thus, you need to give viewers strong reasons that differentiate your product from competitors.

According to a survey, around 98% of viewers learn something when watching an explainer video. Thus, use compelling and creative characters and images to educate the audience about your products or services and their importance.

An explainer video is an effective way to bring your character into a situation that

connects the audience to your brand. Viewers will watch your characters facing problems and how your product or service solves them.

Human brain understands visuals 50,000 times faster than texts. As you are marketing a service or product, it is ideal to use videos they can easily understand.

Improve Website Traffic SEO

Embed a video; it can boost your web traffic. Web traffic determines the position of your business online. It is alarming for your business if there are no visitors to your website.

Google like videos. You will see various videos on the result’s first page if you search for anything. Google will make your page visible to a larger audience, and you will witness a significant increase in organic traffic. So, incorporate an engaging video on your web page.

The users are more likely to see your website if you add a video to your content strategy. Moreover, users stay for more time on your site if the video is exciting. It will give search engines positive indicators and improve your organic traffic and rankings.

The best thing about organic traffic is that the visitors you get from search engines are potential prospects. It means there is a higher chance that they will buy your product if you engage them with a video.

In Essence

In this competitive environment, businesses and marketers use innovative marketing strategies to promote their products or services. Enhancing marketing strategy using digital mediums to tap every customer segment is essential.

In the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in the use of animated explainer videos. If you want to enhance your marketing, use an explainer video to highlight the features of your products more effectively.

We have discussed in detail the benefits your organization can get if you use explainer animated videos rightly. If your company hasn’t used videos, it is time to invest in video marketing. It will increase your brand awareness.

However, if you think you don’t have expertise in video animation, you should hire a video production company. Contact BuzzFlick, as one of the best Vancouver animation studios , theyhave a team of experienced animators who can create an engaging video for you. They have served many organizations with creative videos.








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