Finding a Business Accountant or Personal Tax Accountant in the US is Now Made Easy

Finding a Business Accountant or Personal Tax Accountant in the US is Now Made Easy

 First let’s understand what an accountant does. An accountancy firm or an accountant helps in preparing financial records, offers budgeting advice, financial planning consultancy services, assists with taxes, prepares annual company reports, and more. So, if you’re an individual or an organization, looking forward to hiring the services of one such accounting professional or firm, it is always advised to contact “Ageras” that can easily help you get access to some of the qualified accountants near you, in your city. They offer competitive quotes, so that you can compare with other accountancy service providers, and choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Who is an Accountant?

A professional or a firm that plays a variety of roles related to company accounts, payroll, bookkeeping, tax, audit, business & financial consultancy, etc. Whether it is business or corporate accounting or filing of income tax returns, it is an accountant that can help you with such tasks. These are just some of the core activities they perform, apart from various other jobs, such as maintaining an entire payroll, salary calculation, income & expenditure, final accounts, depreciation, etc. A personal tax accountant or a corporate accountant can best identify potential growth opportunities, and assist businesses with tax preparation every year, before the start of the tax season. This is how your company can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

How Can ‘Ageras’ Help Find an Accountant?

It is very simple. Just fill out an online application form given in their website, mentioning all your company details, specific job role requirements and the nature of work; and they shortlist for you the most appropriate business accountant near you, after carefully matching all your job specific needs. They offer three no-obligation quotes to compare within 1-2 days. These are absolutely FREE quotes that are non-binding in nature. This is how you can choose the best and perfect option out of the lot.

The Precise Role of an Accountant

A personal tax accountant, a qualified CPA or an accountancy firm can assist organizations with complete financial management, tax advisory & asset planning. They offer all kinds of general accounting roles, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, budget planning and financial advice to clients. They also offer services in areas related to internal tax audits. An accountant also offers advice to clients on future investments & debt management, finance and also reviews your current financial standing in the market.

Then, there are business accountants for specific assignments. One such category of qualified and certified professionals is Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Apart from CPAs that specialize in corporate taxation and audit related matters, you can also hire the services of chartered accountants (CAs), staff accountants, investment accountants, project accountants, management accountants, cost accountants, forensic accountants, auditors, financial planners, financial advisors and financial consultants. But overall, it is a personal tax account that is the most sought after professional among all small to midsize business entities. But, if you want accountants with specialized training, it has to be a CPA.

A general accountant can review your overall financial records. And, after an analysis of your company’s financial statements, they can provide a neutral review of your organization’s balance sheet and final accounts, thereby providing the best financial guidance, asset management planning consultancy and investment advisory services. Therefore, you need to have a good overview of your finances. A personal tax accountant can also assist in complete financial planning, and advice in matters related to capital investment and permanent/temporary staffing. Any kind of consultancy related to taxes, especially when it comes to filing yearly returns with the federal income tax department, an accountant can assist you from start to finish. Be it personal tax or corporate tax, one such professional ensures that the taxes are filed on-time, before the yearly tax season. An accountancy firm can also prepare audits and financial statements, ensuring the final accounts are ready before the final IRS tax audit. In fact, they ease or streamline the process of external audits, helping a business perform efficiently.

The Cost to Hire an Accountant

Generally speaking, an accountant or accountancy firm charges on an hourly basis. And, it is a dedicated platform like “Ageras” that can help you find qualified personal and corporate accountants at the right price, within a day or two. The cost usually varies. It depends upon the extent and nature of work, geographical location, the educational qualification, certifications and licenses of accountants. Some accountants do charge on a contractual basis. But, in a majority of cases, it is hourly rates. So, depending upon these miscellaneous factors, the hourly rate of hiring an accountant can vary anywhere between $75 – $500, and even more.

Who Needs an Accountant?

Almost all small to midsize businesses, organizations, entities, companies, as well as individuals that file taxes, need the services of a personal tax accountant or a corporate accountant. Today, a majority of freelancers working for different companies too feel the need for hiring a personal accountant. And here in the US, there are lots of them. An accountant looks into all the bills, cash records, receipts, transactions (income & expenses) and tax reports, scrutinizing them properly and thereafter providing an accurate financial standing. But, it is mostly the small businesses and company owners that require bookkeeping, taxation and audit professionals to manage all their accounting related matters. It is they who outsource all their accounting roles to a third party, and focus on their core service/business deliverables. Similarly, large corporate houses too require the services of business accountants, but in a majority of cases, they have an in-house accounts team on a dedicated payroll that looks into tax compliance by verifying all the financial statements and records.

Final Words

An account plays an important role, when it comes to offering services in the exclusive domain of personal tax accounting and business accounting. They are deft in all kinds of accounting & tax related services, as they keep a track or an ‘hawk eye’ of the final accounts, maintain clean tax books, keep a detailed record of all the income, expenses, bills, receipts, financial statements and cash/monetary dealings through the help of advanced accounting software and tools. This is how you’re able to keep track of all your company’s finances, and plan for the growth of your organization or business.



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