10 Reasons Why You Should Try Twitch Marketing

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Twitch Marketing

Are you thinking about giving Twitch marketing a try?

Apart from the major social media channels, Twitch stands for a flourishing community with millions of active users every day. Although it is mainly linked to gaming, Twitch is rapidly becoming the place to go for livestreaming content at large.

But first…

What is Twitch?

Here are some things you need to know about this platform:

  • Twitch was created in 2011 as a by-product of justin.tv and has been owned by Amazon since 2014.
  • Twitch is a live streaming platform where streamers broadcast live videos for the audience.
  • Most of its content is related to esports and gaming, but nowadays, a lot of streamers are broadcasting just about anything.
  • It has about 17.5 million daily users worldwide and has a broadcast reach of more than 1.5 million viewers.

Now that you have a bit of an idea of Twitch let us delve into why you should use this platform for your marketing.

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Twitch Marketing

1. It encourages live recording

Whether online or on television, live events garner a lot of views. It draws many people to experience affairs firsthand. Whether it is the Olympics or the Miss Universe Pageant, live feeds gather an audience.

This is what makes Twitch a powerful platform.

It is no longer about gaming, especially since many developers have incorporated channels for stuff like fitness and Anime. Twitch is a platform that is directly engaging and interactive. Each viewer’s voice holds meaning, especially if you maintain a streamer who consistently engages with the audience.

This could be one of the foremost reasons any company or brand should think about Twitch stream marketing.

Only a few platforms have the same level of engagement as Twitch. And this engagement brings forth a more significant potential for your audience to act on your advertisement.

2. It is seldomly tapped

Compared to other platforms, Twitch is not as saturated in business ads. This can be to your advantage as it offers a method to get hold of an audience that your competitors may not tap. Thus, you cannot find a better platform if you are looking for these “new” and untapped audiences.

Twitch is not solely about video games. This is a system that is expanding and encompasses a variety of entertainment. In fact, instead of gameplay, some of its channels promote cooking shows. This only shows that Twitch is becoming increasingly friendly to diversified industries regarding marketing.

Also, the lack of saturation signifies that your ad will bring about a more significant impact on the audience and, most likely, in considerable frequency. Whether a sponsorship or an ad roll, sending your brand out there more frequently than the competition produces an impact.

3. Great engagement of young generation

The young generation, particularly the millennials, is the major target audience of many brands today. As they start to come of age, most of them are creating impacts on most markets. Concurrently, millennials comprise the majority of the users or watchers of Twitch.

The active monthly viewers of Twitch reach more than one hundred million, which is almost one-third of the Twitter users globally. While it is true that this gaming site is not as popular compared to other social media platforms, only a few provide the same extent of live engagement as Twitch when it comes to the millennial audience.

However, the only disparity is the number of female versus male users when it comes to the marketing perspective. Male watchers account for three-quarters of Twitch viewers. Nevertheless, there are still about 830,000 female viewers that watch every day.

Only a few systems are as intensive as Twitch when we speak of reaching the younger audience for nearly any reason. The product on its own has to play its role in the determination of the success or failure of a marketing campaign.

4. Global market

The game players of Twitch are spread all over the world. Thus, the platform provides you access to a wide range of viewers. Despite its lack of massive appeal of systems such as YouTube, average users are still spending about an hour and a half every day watching various content from across the globe.

Indeed, this is only helpful to those seeking a global market rather than a local one. Nonetheless, having the right fit for an influencer on Twitch can quickly deliver your brand in front of many people at one particular location.

On average, Twitch has viewers of not less than 622,000. You can get through a massive number of people across the globe with a single ad at any particular time, especially if you are supporting a good influencer.

Many large corporations are investing in Twitch marketing. Global companies such as Apple find value in getting in touch with the millennial audience. The essence is to follow the money, and Twitch is exhibiting consistent growth on a global scale.

5. Contracting with streamers

Like anyone else, game watchers on Twitch also have their individual needs. Although most of these viewers are easy targets for gaming software, equipment, and mobile apps, you can also find other products advertised on the live streaming system.

Some companies are not part of the gaming industry, but they regularly sponsor streamers on Twitch.

You might ask why these companies are advertising during a live stream of a game. Their reason is the same as companies that spend money on Twitter users, YouTubers, and Facebook personalities-influencer marketing. By contracting with the right social influencer, you create the potential of making a massive impact on leads and sales.

Nowadays, consumers are seven times more inclined to trust social media content than conventional advertisements. This means that it is usually more effective to seek the help of social media influencers such as a Twitch broadcaster to maximize your reach to your target audience.

6. Pre-Roll ads

Twitch, just like YouTube, makes use of pre-roll ads for brands. This means that you need not worry about having to settle on any single Twitch streamer in marketing your products. Every stream begins with the pre-roll, and streamers can set their broadcasts to incorporate more throughout the live feed. Twitch is considered a safe way to market, given its practice of closely monitoring this type of content.

Many brands favor this method in contrast to the lackluster performance of YouTube when it comes to managing its creators and their respective content. There is a slim probability that your ad will be displayed on Twitch alongside distasteful video material.

However, you cannot deny that Twitch also has its fair share of people trying to abuse the system. But Twitch is reasonably strict and maintains a vigil over its streamers to a usually more efficient level than YouTube.

7. Continuous growth

In 2021, Twitch amassed around 20 million monthly viewers.

This figure almost doubled every year. Like other social media platforms, Twitch is constantly gaining popularity as time passes.

One of the indicators that a social site will continue to stay for quite some time is its growth. In reality, Twitch can compete head-on with YouTube regarding viewership over the next ten years. And the audience has continued to become more diversified due to the introduction of other elements beyond gaming.

No one would like to spend in marketing into a dying-out platform. The manifested growth of Twitch is reason enough to at least convince marketers that it can no longer be considered as a fad. Since its establishment in 2011 as Justin.tv, Twitch has become a place for many major gaming tournaments and constant development.

Compared to YouTube Gaming Live, Twitch holds around 40% more average active streamers.

8. It is powerfully social

Any brand can take advantage and greatly benefit from social media marketing tools. The social element of Twitch is its most significant driving point.

With Twitch, users can directly interact with the streamer in real-time. One can raise a question and almost immediately get a corresponding answer. Viewers are allowed by some streamers on Twitch to decide what games they will play, what business establishment to review, or even locations nearby to live-stream a visit.

This exact social interaction provides Twitch its power and the reason why a lot of people are watching streamers.

Likewise, the broadcaster is not solely the one being social. Several people in the chat room create bonds or friendships both online and offline. A lot appreciate the idea of space sharing with others who have the same interests since the streamer draws an audience together.

9. Adaptable branding options

It is easy to place a bit of money into Twitch’s ad pre-roll to market your brand essentially. But its system is flexible to the point where you can be more creative with audience engagement.

You do not always have to spend money marketing your product to the audience. At times, you can offer a streamer with a physical incentive.

The bottom line is that you do not always have to allocate a large sum of money to bring your product in front of your target audience.

10. Using it yourself

There is no need for someone to become a gamer just to take advantage of the streaming on Twitch. Many brands are embracing live feeds for show floor interactions, panels, and press conferences. Just make sure that it is entertaining to watch to have a greater chance of creating a powerful brand on the platform. Tell your audience who you are by creating an engaging Twitch banner. If you don’t have any background in graphic design, you can use an online banner maker that can incorporate your brand in your visual.

The main factor is broadcasting entertaining as possible. And since the broadcast is live, you cannot make use of most of your editing tactics. Thus, this makes it more complicated to manage at a certain level.

It is likewise worth noting how charities have become part of the experience on this platform. No less than $65 million has been gathered for different charities, thanks to the donations of viewers and broadcasters.

Many of the notable brands maintain their channel on Twitch. Mainly, they belong in the gaming industry in one way or another. But this only shows that you do not need to depend on a streamer in influencing an audience since you can do it yourself.


Twitch indeed concentrates on games.

However, this is not the sole reason why viewers visit the site. It is all about the delivery of an interactive and engaging experience. A streamer’s personality holds a key role in drawing a loyal audience. At a certain level, these influencers may be as effective as the employment of a YouTube creator.

So, do not make light of Twitch just because it is a gaming site. You have to take advantage of its potential to reach a broad and probably untapped audience. Give it a try!

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