Improving Customers Experience through Customer Loyalty Programs

Improving Customers Experience through Customer Loyalty Programs

When brands get familiar with their customer, they will have a better understanding of the client’s desire. Understanding the need of customers help establish cordial relationships and ensure the provision of better experiences. To gain customers’ trust, brands must ensure their customer loyalty program is regular, and customers can easily enroll, gather points and receive bonuses. Giving customers outstanding experiences can improve customer satisfaction by at least 20% and increase sales by 15%. Loyal clients that feel attached to the company offer the brand higher lifetime value.

The majority of consumers enroll in loyalty programs to receive points they can give them discounts or bonuses.It is important to note that most clients dislike generic experiences, and a personalized experience will make over80% of clients have a positive perception of a brand. Consumers are interested in promotions that are customized based on their choices, including sales emails, suggested products, and price reductions.

Points Based Customer Loyalty Initiative

A points-based program is straightforward – get rewarded for extra purchases. Each time a customer makes an online or offline purchase, they will receive a certain number of points based on the amount spent. Customers have the option of converting these points into bonuses, which include a discount on subsequent spending, gifts, or special offers. For instance, a travel company can allow clients to earn points when they buy tickets or rent a car. The accrued point can be used to claim prices like free hotels, all expenses paid lunch, and other enticing rewards. The OnePass Australia point-based initiative can also be used to understand customer preferences or choices. Knowing the customer’s behaviour will aid the provision of customized bonuses. Mobile applications customers can use to track points, redeem gifts and improve engagement can also be developed by the company.

Communication as a Customer Loyalty Practice

Listening to the choices, likes, and dislikes of customers is crucial to a brand’s success. Companies cannot determine the experiences and desires of their customers if they don’t get feedback from them. These reviews are needed for the creation of a loyalty program that satisfies customer needs. Communication as a process should involve listening and talking. Companies need to set up a communication channel that allows the exchange of information between the firm and its customers. Customers are more loyal to brands that hear their views.  Hence, the OnePass loyalty program can leverage modern communication tools like social media, phone calls, emails, and websites to keep in touch with clients about loyalty programs. Traditional media such as radio, TV, and newspapers can also be used to keep loyalty program active.

Bringing A Loyalty Program to A Close

Loyalty programs should only operate for a certain duration. The marketing and rewards of the Australian loyalty program OnePass must be changed after a specific period. A loyalty program must not be brought to an abrupt end without taking the customers into consideration. This is why companies must decide on a time limit that clearly states the time span of the program. The company needs to reiterate when the initiative is approaching the end date. To placate customers and reduce the displeasure that comes from ending the loyalty program, brands can give out gifts or one-time rewards to customers actively enjoying the program. Brands must understand that customer loyalty is crucial to commercial success, customer retention, and the capacity to expand.  Therefore, companies need to decide the best customer loyalty initiative that works best for them.


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