The Role of Big Data In The Digital Marketing Technique

The Role of Big Data In The Digital Marketing Technique

Today, marketing is all about understanding the customer and exhibiting the project in the place where they are available. Nowadays, people are ready to invest a huge sum of money in Customer Relationship Management Software and Marketing Automation tools that will work with cutting technology understanding the huge competitive landscape.

One of the vital instrumental tools in Artificial Intelligence or any other sort of forecasting is Big Data. Gone are the days where television, radio and the newspapers were the sources of advertisements. Now, these technological tools are driving the digital marketing industry. Continue reading to find the role of big data in the online marketing industry.

What is Big Data? 

As the name indicates, it is the huge volume of data that incorporates both structured and unstructured. It inundated the business on a regular basis, but it is crucial to focus on the amount of data. This is what the different organizations will do with the data. This big data can be easily analyzed for insights that will assist the people to decide and have the strategic business moves.

As the term “big data” is new in internet marketing, any such marketing firms like social media management firm will gather and store huge amounts of information for the final analysis and make the process more efficient. This new concept gained momentum in the early 2000s as the industry analyst gave some new mainstream definition for big data on three aspects.

Volume: The SEO professional collects the data from different sources like business truncations, social media, and sensor or machine to machine data. All this information will be sores under big data, and it can be used for later needs.

Velocity: Data streams at an unprecedented speed, and it should be dealt with promptly. Sensors, RFID tags, and smart metering are driving the needs to deal with torrents of data almost in real-time to achieve the benefits.

Variety: The data are available in different types of formats like structured, numeric data in traditional databases to unstructured text documents, video, and email, and stock ticker, audio, and financial transactions.

Overall, this can be the answer for what is big data employed highly in digital marketing in recent days.

How big data helps for SEO? 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the important strategies followed in digital marketing as per today. This SEO practice depends on the usage of the large quantity of data, which is all about Big Data. SEO Endeavour to enhance the search results and ranks the website in the search engine result pages based on different factors.

It brings direct visitors to the page and appears to be relevant or authoritative. Though the site is trustworthy or not, the ranking will be based on the quality links it gets. So, the SEO professionals attempt to develop the content that is authoritative to have the best ranking on the page.

Big Data offers deep insights into SEO 

As Google or any other search engine is much concerned about the pricing part content with quantifiable data, it is now easy for Digital marketing companies to find some insights from the different types of data necessary for the different users. Here, the professionals have to thank the big data, SEO professionals can keep track of and analyze the keywords, Backlinks, on-page optimization, or any other important areas to optimize with more effort.

Future of digital marketing concerning big data 

Big data has transformed the way that the business owners spend and generate revenues for marketing purposes. As per the International Data Corporation (IDC) report, the total revenue from the big data, and the business analytics raises from $122 billion, which was in 2015 was $187 billion in 2019. The companies that invested in this big data and they obtain the power to quickly analyze the large scale data and extract actionable information they can have additionally with $430 billion when it comes to productivity benefits regarding the competitors.

The companies are going to evidence lots of such investments in this big data in the forthcoming period. Though the investment may vary based on the company, several investments on the big data are going to discharge high ROI. Certain studies will make it clear like,

  • The US health generates $300 billion value every year.
  • The US retail will see at least 60% increases in the overall net margin
  • The manufacturing industry will have at least 50% decreases in product development and assembly costs.

The advancement in big data has given new opportunities for the organization to use the data and track the overall benefits of activities of both the customers and the companies globally.

Applications of Big Data in digital marketing 

Marketers live in a world where 2.5 exabytes of data are created on a regular basis. It is the challenge and creates an opportunity for marketers. How can these marketers or social media management firms process the harness of big data fast and innovatively to deliver deeper insights and improve the performance of the business? Here are some benefits applications of big data that will help for the best digital marketing campaign.

  • It improves forecasting and planning
  • More granular audience targeting for better results
  • Optimizing the campaigns in real-time
  • Moving with multi-touch attribution

All these together work to bring out the best results and several digital marketing firms like social media management firms are working to enjoy the value of Big Data to bring out the best results with the digital marketing campaigns.

Wrapping it up 

Apart from the fact that the big data analytics company assists in enhancing the profitability, they are the best possible way to spot out the right keywords for the website for SEO strategies and drive more traffic to the website. So, with big data, the company or marketers can quality content and increase audience engagement. Overall, Big Data is the leading technology that can enhance and reframe internet marketing for any business as per 2020.


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