Preparing Workplaces & Making them New Normal after Lockdown

Preparing Workplaces & Making them New Normal after Lockdown

One of the drastic outcomes of the Coronavirus Pandemic impact is the economic shock to the entire nation. Not just the smaller businesses but larger businesses too are facing the downtime in sales and profits due to major loss in the economy.

Last 3-4 months have been really difficult for the entire nation while fighting the battle with Coronavirus in the lockdown but now that the lockdown has been lifted and people are getting back to offices, the worst is yet to come. Almost everything has been opened and if something is left, it will be opened soon.

But, are we prepared for the unlock situation? Are we prepared to step out of our homes relying on just the masks and sanitizers? Absolutely not! Masks are important for sure, but they don’t give 100% assurance. We need to do a lot before we open offices back again. 

Read below and understand how can we prepare our workplaces and other spaces and make them safe:

The Two Major Areas of Concern Right Now

Opening the workplaces is not easy as it sounds. As per the new normal, the workplace has to be made safe and disinfected before forcing employees or visitors to come. Else, Unlock or lockdown situations won’t make any difference and resources should be allowed to stay at home only till the things get back to normal. But, this is the new normal. Nobody knows what the situation would be in the coming months and how long this pandemic is going to last. Thus, shutting down businesses and compromising with the current financial losses and economic crunches could not be a solution either.

Thus, you need to work on the following areas if you are reopening the office premises:

  1. Health and Safety of your Employees
  2. Streamlining of Business Operations

1.Safety of Employees

Obviously, once entered the office premises, employees are your responsibility and thus, ensuring their good health and safety is on you. Make proper sanitization, fumigation, seating arrangements for the employees, helping staff and visitors. Make sure their devices too are sanitized regularly. Make strict arrangements for the temperature checks and do not let employees feeling sick enter the office. But, what if it’s just a normal virus and not Corona? You can still let them work but from their home. But, the situation will be the same then too. That means, if people are working from home now as well, how can the processes be improved?

2.Improving Performance by Streamlining the Business Operations

With only limited resources available, you cannot engage them in mundane tasks, but the strategic tasks involving the advanced business planning to bring back the business on track. That is, it is now the right time to adopt reliable and trusted ERP software in India

The trusted ERP software like SAP Business One will streamline all your business processes while rendering you greater control and visibility across your entire business. That is, even if employees are working from home, you can keep check on their performance while they can leverage the real-time data access to do better. 

SAP Business One is a smart and robust solution and very much in trend and demand these days. Make sure while fighting the battle with Coronavirus, you are not losing your position in the marketplace at all. SAP B1 will ensure exactly the same for you. 


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