How Artificial Intelligence is Preventing Crime

How Artificial Intelligence is Preventing Crime

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained popularity in recent years. It is stepping into every industry and helping people unexpectedly. From managing employees remotely to performing robotic surgeries, AI has become the integral part of every industry. 

You may be surprised to hear, but this is true that AI is helping the police department to mitigate crime. You do not need to feel it like science fiction because technology is known to make accurate decisions that had never been possible with the involvement of only human beings.   

AI can help cops detect gunfire, clues on crime scenes, detect bombs, predict crime spots, and who is likely to commit a crime and decide pretrial release. There is no denying AI has made the job of cops far easier.

ShotSpotter – make cities safer

ShotSpotter helps detect gunshots. It can detect over 90% of gunfire incidents with an exact location in less than a minute. With such fast detection, cops can immediately report at the location and can prevent crime from occurring. 

By disrupting the cycle of gun violence, this software can improve patrolling by proving accurate information. Cops can rely on such information and immediately get to the location before the situation gets out of control. 

Acoustic sensors are placed in a coverage area so it can detect shots when a gun is fired. Then audio triangulation identifies gunfire location and AI algorithms analyse the sound to transmit information to the Incident Review Centre.

Acoustic experts at the centre analyse incidents in seconds and add technical intelligence such as automatic weapons to approach the crime scene. This all is done within a few seconds that cannot be executed without the help of AI tools.

Notifications are sent to officers’ smartphones and patrolling cars so that cops can take action before it is too late. Here are some of the features of ShotSpotter:

  • It detects gunfire in less than a second.
  • It can filter out false information.
  • It can help with data collection.
  • It gives real-time reports on the on-scene witness.
  • It is affordable and straightforward and does not require IT integration.


Cops need to be proactive if they want to mitigate crime to ensure maximum safety in the country. It is not so easy to create a safe city where crime rates, especially crime against women, are soaring with each passing day. Of course, as a human being, no cop can predict when and where crime can happen, but PredPol can help you predict when and where new crimes are likely to occur by analysing current data of past crimes. 

The algorithm of Pedal works based on the observation. It will use the historical data to observe where the recent crime has happened and predict where the crime is likely to occur down the road. For instance, the number of cases of burglaries in one area can serve as information for the tool to predict that the surrounding areas are subject to burglaries.

You can call it a real-time crime forecasting technique. Their system highlights possible hotspots where police should patrol as often as possible. This software claims that it gives as accurate information as possible to maintain law and order. By predicting where crime can occur, it can help you immediately take the situation in control. Here is how it works:

  • It uses a machine-learning algorithm to calculate predictions.
  • It forecasts by taking into account three factors: crime type, crime location and crime time.
  • It uses data to inform people of patrolling places.
  • It can predict the place and the time of crime most likely to take place.
  • It uses a proactive approach so that cops can take action as immediately as possible. 
  • It analyses daily patrol operations, patterns and optimises scarce patrolling resources.
  • It can help you understand deeply about the tendency of crime. 

Cloud walk

Now cops can predict who can commit a crime with the help of Cloud Walk. It is a facial recognition software that can help cops track individuals. It uses advanced AI algorithms to predict who is likely to commit a crime. 

The software makes a judgement based on the behaviour and facial expressions of individuals. If there is any suspicious change in the practice of an individual, the software will immediately notify. For instance, a person roaming around aimlessly in a specific area, the software will consider this activity suspiciously. It can be a pickpocket or maybe about to execute a plan for a crime. It will continue to track the person to send accurate notifications. 

The other example is someone buying a kitchen knife is not an issue, but the same person goes to another market to buy a hammer and sack, it can raise several doubts. Such suspicious activities cannot go unnoticed by Cloud Walk. This way, China cops are trying to whittle down the rate of crimes. 

The software is integrated with the police database where the real-time suspicious activities show up. Sending the real-time information immediately can help cops to brace themselves what to do next. The data is shared across all provinces so that the nearest police station gets to the action. Here are the features of Cloud Walk.

  • It analyses facial expressions to detect suspicious activities and gives real-time reports across all police stations. 
  • Tapping into the software to analyse the locations subject to crime, governments of China and the USA are trying to catch criminals before they commit a crime with the help of Cloud Walk.
  • Since it is integrated with gait technology, it can pick out suspicious people even in the crowd.
  • It alerts police immediately if the person comes in the coverage of cameras.

Artificial intelligence is contributing a lot to help the police department to mitigate crime. AI-integrated software not only help cops identify the location where crime can happen but also identifies criminals before they destroy law and order. Some people are relying on surveillance to make sure that the surroundings of their homes are free from such people when they are away, and they are not leaving any stone unturned to fund cameras with 100% guaranteed loans


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