Best Data Security Solutions 2020

Best Data Security Solutions 2020

The number of cyber threats is soaring with each passing year. The internet has made your life easier: now you can send in files remotely and store large files in your server, but with a rise in cyber threats, it has become essential to secure the data. 

Digital assets are the most crucial assets, and therefore companies cannot afford to lose them. Once the data is lost, you will incur heavy losses. Even though you have a back up of your files, you cannot sit back in the hope that you can retrieve data if main files go corrupt. 

Well, once your entire server goes corrupt, you cannot retrieve data – no matter whether you took the back up of files or not. This is why it is paramount to invest in IT security software solutions. Such solutions can prevent your data from malware, spyware and viruses And while you are getting rid of your old servers or data centers, make sure you are doing it correctly or let professionals do it for you. There are companies like Dataknox that offer server recycle services and will help you get rid of your old and corrupt servers in an easy and effective way. All you have to do is to contact them and they will handle the rest.

There are various data security software solutions, and it can be quite challenging to choose the right solution. Before you invest in IT security solutions, you need to understand your needs and whether the software suits them or not. 

Data security solutions come in different forms like encryption, firewall and spyware detection. The demand for cybersecurity solutions are on the rise and it is never going to let up. Here is a list of software you should use in 2020 to prevent data loss. 

IBM Security Guardium

IBM Security Guardium helps prevent unauthorized access to data and immediately alert the user in case of data snitch and data leakage. It improves outcome by reducing complexity and protecting data. It maintains the integrity of data by protecting data against any threat and malware. 

IBM has designed this solution to protect all types of data. It will give you a real-time control by automating actions like 

  • Data discovery and classification, 
  • Vulnerability scans,
  • Data activity monitoring, 
  • Alerting in case of data-stealing, 
  • Risk assessment,
  • Encryption, 
  • Blocking, 
  • Auditing, 
  • Masking 
  • Advanced data security analytics 

IBM Security Guardium solutions serve as significant data intelligence because it understands data risk to take informed action and then tries to reduce data security risk. IBM Guardium data protection software is available in different forms. It protects databases, files, and multi-cloud data.

Oracle Big data Solutions

When big data combines with machine learning, it can deliver you the maximum output. 

Oracle Big Data manages cloud data effectively and efficiently. Not all software solutions can handle large files. If you have a copious amount of data, you need an effective software solution. It is crucial to invest in software that can protect your data from all types of cyber threats. 

Managing broad data is always harder than ever, but Oracle Big data has the potential to do so. It is a data management platform that can protect any data from malware and other types of cyber threats. The algorithm keeps analysing the data to make sure that there is no threat prevailing. It can deal in any environment, for instance, local cloud, hybrid, on-premises, and public cloud. 

It collaborates with cutting-edge applications and artificial intelligence to extract value from data to analyse and predict it. It can protect your data more efficiently by using a multi-model database to store and process as much data as possible.

EventLog Analyser

To protect sensitive information, you will need a password management solution. EventLog Analyser can protect confidential information by using a password manager feature to create a robust password. With such powerful password protection, hackers will not be able to crack it to steal your data. Although it creates a password for data protection, it relies on you to execute password policies. It has a specially designed console to check personal with policies. 

This solution can prevent your data because it uses 256-bit AES encryption along with PBKDF2. You can also manage permission for each employee to access sensitive data. This solution supports laptops, desktops, web browsers and smartphones. You can use it in unlimited devices by using one licence only. 

By installing this software in your system, you can encrypt all your data to make sure that your data is safe and secure from any cyber threat. If you use this software in your cellphone, it will ask for fingerprint verification to allow you to log in. It ensures that nobody apart from you is accessing data. This additional security feature ensures that your data is safe and secure from every kind of cyber threats. 

Additional login functionalities require user provisioning. It can help you boost efficiency and productivity without any fear of losing data. The dedicated cloud space can enable you to share files easily. 

SolarWinds RMM

SolarWinds RMM is an ideal software for IT professionals that has numerous tools to provide data security and IT operations. It can support different types of devices including Windows, Linux and mobile platforms. This software can also ensure remote safety. 

The software is integrated with machine learning that makes it enable to detect security issues across the entire network. This software comes with advanced features of malware protection that prevents your data from external threats too. Apart from boosting productivity and efficiency, it can help with troubleshooting issues. 

It is crucial to invest in software to protect your data from cyber threats. It seems natural to protect digital assets, but you need to analyse your needs before you do it. Such software can be expensive. Make sure that you have enough money to invest in them. In case of lack of money, you should take out a loan. There are various direct lenders offering business loans and short-term loans. Try to approach a reliable direct lender. Applying for a loan from can help you get a deal at a lower interest rate.


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