Why You Should Embed Facebook Feed on Website

Why You Should Embed Facebook Feed on Website

Social media has brought a huge change in the lives of many. People often start their day by checking social media platforms. According to a survey, it has made such a huge impact that 56% of people use social media for their news updates.

It is not restricted to people, but even marketers and businesses have also been part of this evolution, as they now have a dedicated social media marketing team. And the flag bearer of this evolution is Facebook, as it is the most popular and oldest social media platform.

And in recent times, one of the best ways marketers utilize Facebook for their business is by embed Facebook feed on the website. However, Facebook provides great help to its business accounts by providing them with various features to promote their brand, such as Facebook Ads. But, unfortunately, many small-scale and medium-scale businesses cannot afford it. And this is where the strategy to embed Facebook feed jumps in.

Although Facebook provides the facility to embed posts to the website by providing a web link to each post that users can copy and paste it on their back end. But it has various limitations, and to counter that limitation, you can use social media aggregators.

Social media aggregators are amazing tools that ease the embedding process. It helps you collect Facebook posts from your desired source and display them on your website in an attractive manner.

Now, you must be thinking, how this strategy can bring change to the business, right? To convince you, we have listed 9 major reasons that enlighten with the importance of this strategy.

Why You Need To Embed Facebook Feed on Website

While we talk about various marketing strategies, all have one thing in common, they provide more than one benefit to the business. And when we are talking about embed Facebook feed, it also has various benefits. In this blog, we are mentioning 9 major benefits. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Enhances website visuals

In this digital world, websites are often considered representatives of a brand. Therefore, it becomes important that the website has that charm that creates a great impression on visitors as it eventually helps attain sales.

Embedding helps you with it. As we all know, Facebook is a hub for various types of content, from text to videos, it has all. And we all know the power of visual-based content. It carries vibrancy, liveliness, and vividness that draws viewers’ attention and makes a positive impression.

2. Attracts visitors

Gathering the crowd means chances of getting more sales. And one of the main tactics to draw people in is by providing them with an eye-pleasing website to enhance their browsing experience and eventually create a good impression.

Continuing with the previous benefit, when you have an appealing website, it will attract more people and this provides you with the window of opportunity to attain sales.

3. Increases website traffic

To establish your brand, you need to have brand awareness so that people can recognize your brand. And as mentioned above, websites represent businesses, which means you need to increase the website’s visibility to attain more customers.

And this strategy helps you in this cause. When you showcase content from your social media feeds and add vibrancy, more people will be interested in visiting your website just to experience it. Moreover, these contents will help you in keeping visitors engaged on your website.

Now, as you have great website traffic, it will reflect on your search engine ranking. So more website traffic means better ranking. How does it help? – A better search engine means that the search engine will suggest your website whenever someone will search anything related to your business.

4. Provides social proof

Facebook users often use the platform to display their pictures with products or upload videos while using them.

When you embed them on your website, it increases the credibility of your business. Because people often search for social proofs before buying a product, so by providing them on your website you not only save your visitors’ time but also increase your chance of sales

5. Provides reviews

Facebook also provides the facility to its users to provide their reviews or opinion on the business page of the particular business. They can share their reviews and “recommend’ or “not recommend” the brand to others.

By embed Facebook feed on your website, you provide an assist to your visitors as reviews affect their buying decisions. Also, it increases your brand reputation as your brand will appear transparent to your visitors, that share reviews and cares about customers.

6. Helps in conversion

Reviews and social proofs often affect the purchase decision, so when you showcase them on your website, it provides you with the opportunity to convert your visitors into your customers. At the same time, it can also convert your customers into loyal customers because customers feel respected when a brand considers their reviews and features them on their official websites.

7. Boosts user-generated content

Marketers are highly dependent on user-generated content for their brand promotions because it provides more reach than mouth-to-mouth publicity. And hence they always look for plans that help them to boost UGC. And by embed Facebook feed on the website, you also provide a push to your user-generated content.

A user feels valued when a brand showcases their content on their website, and it encourages them to produce more such content to have constant visibility on the website. Moreover, it also inspires other visitors to make content related to your brand so even they enjoy the spotlight on your website.

8. Strengthens your social media presence

Businesses now emphasize on increasing their social media strength as people often determine a brand’s reputation based on their social media following. So, whenever a visitor visits your website, he will be able to sneak into your social media presence. They also have the option to follow you if they like your account.

9. Enhances brand awareness

You can count as an aggregate of benefits that strategy of embedding provides. For example, all businesses often build their plans to establish their brand. And brands can achieve that if they increase their brand awareness. So by embedding, you increase your brand awareness, as more people will be interested in visiting your website. And moreover, when you provide a sneak into your Facebook account, people who are unaware of your presence will also get to know your brand, which eventually increases your brand recognition.


If you think of embed Facebook feed on the website as such benefits, it must be a difficult process. Then, my friend, you are highly mistaken. Social media aggregators ease your process and provide more features that add more benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Try embedding now, and watch your business grow.






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