Why Should I Pay For A VPN Instead Of Using The Free One?

Why Should I Pay For A VPN Instead Of Using The Free One?

VPN or Virtual Private Network refers to a tool that offers security to the users’ devices while they are surfing the web. In short, the VPN is responsible for defining or establishing a protected network connection while using the internet.

The VPN functions to encrypt the users’ internet traffic and also hides their online identity like location and IP address, as a result, it makes it difficult for third parties, hackers, or intruders to steal and users’ online activities and steal their data for monetizing purposes. There are many VPN service providers in the market that have been offering both free and paid services. Due to this, many people think that if they are getting a free version of VPN then, why should they pay for it.

So, in this article, we are going to define the difference between free VPN and paid VPN to get an idea about why one should pay for a VPN instead of using it for free.

Why Some VPNs Are Free And Others Are Paid?

The best VPNs offer their users an anonymous protective layer against cyber-attacks followed by giving them access to websites or web pages having geo-restrictions. Now, the major point of concern is what should be included within a VPN to makes its functionality a reliable one. So, the answer to this concern is that the VPN should be added with various utilities and additional tools like global server network, developing client apps, user support. These features are usually excluded from the free VPNs. To get such amazing security, the users need to pay a certain amount. That’s why some VPNs are paid and some are frees. In the further sections, we have also mentioned the major differences that you might find between paid and free VPNs.

Problems And Risks Associated With Using A Free VPN

There are lots of issues linked to the use of a VPN. Here, we are listing some major problems and risks that may arise while using a free VPN:

  1. Many free VPN providers share the users’ session data with advertisers and thus, blitz the users with ads. This access and harvest by third parties to the users’ data or private information is a matter of concern as the online privacy of users has been compromised.
  2. In some cases, free VPN service providers hijack the users’ browsing history and redirects to the partner websites without taking consent from the users.
  3. Most of the free VPNs utilize unreliable security measures and weak encryption that act similar to malware. Such poor connection becomes the major cause of users’ data being deciphered by hackers.
  4. Some of the free VPN service providers utilize the concept of selling advertising to profit off your use. Even if the provider doesn’t keep a track of users’ browsing history or sell their data but the constant interruption by the ads might make you regret saving some coins for months.
  5. The ads being displayed by free VPNs might act as malware and spyware that might be clicked by the users and thus, the third party will get access to their device and data.
  6. Many free VPNs only provide a limited number of features so that they can promote their premium plans.

So, these are the major drawbacks of using a Free VPN service. Though there are many free VPN services like Hide.Me, ProtonVPN, Hola VPN, etc, that are considered very nice. They also provide many offers like Hide.Me Coupons, Hola VPN Coupon Code, ProtonVPN Discount code, etc. for making their services affordable.

How Paid VPNs are beneficial?

Till now, we have gone through different aspects of using a free VPN. Now, we are going to define the benefits of using a paid VPN along with their affordability.

  1. The protection being offered by a paid VPN is genuine and is worth offering protection to the users’ private data. Thus, when the users allow their device to get disconnected from the internet or web connection, the users’ session data will be disappeared in case of paid VPN.
  2. Many paid VPNs like CyberGhost VPN Vs ExpressVPN offers the industry’s best AES-256 bit encryption. This ensures the safe routing of the data of users.
  3. Some paid VPN providers enhance their security features by offering some additional features to their users like split tunneling, Double VPN, kill switches, IPv6 leak protection, and DNS. The availability of these additional features inside paid VPN will ensure that the users’ data is never exposed.
  4. A paid VPN never imposes any sort of limits to the bandwidth and speed of the internet while the users are streaming online videos, P2P activities, or gaming.
  5. The paid VPN also offers unlimited access to their entire server networks such that the users can easily access as many geo-locations as they are willing to access restricted websites or services.
  6. The users utilizing a paid VPN experience better privacy, security, and worldwide content access through several features that are available in the form of additional features or utilities within the paid VPN service.

These are the major benefits that you can avail of by using a paid VPN service rather than going with a free one.


The availability of free VPN services is quite attractive and very appealing. But, a free VPN may show its true cost to its users on losing their privacy and exposing their devices to cyber attacks. While, the paid VPN offers impressive privacy, better security, and performance followed by offering a huge variety of additional features.

Although the paid VPN offers highly impressive and effective security to the users’ device but, relying completely upon the VPN is not a good option. Thus, the users need to give a thorough concern to some of the tips to keep their devices safe and secure against the cyber attacks by hackers, third parties, and intruders. Another way that can assure complete safety to the users’ device is that they need to check the VPN service through their trial versions.

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