What is Doorking and How it Works

What is Doorking and How it Works

When looking for the best door entry system, Doorking is one of the suppliers that companies or residences will come across. The business has a long history of producing access control systems. Gate, access control, parking, and phone entry systems are among their available products.

What is Doorking?

  • Doorking (DKS) was established in 1948 and has long produced access control equipment. Doorking is a Southern California-based company that manufactures and offers a variety of items, such as telephone entry systems, gate intercom systems, access control systems, and parking management products. The business works hard to provide customers with solutions as well as products, prioritizing superior design, technical assistance, and instruction manuals.
  • Additionally, Doorking provides a wide range of tools and gadgets for powering and controlling access control systems wirelessly or through wired mechanisms. Camcorders, heaters, lock boxes, surge suppressors, power inverters, and transformers are just a few examples of other access control items that can be added through Doorking, keeping all the hardware from a single supplier and minimizing confusion.

Doorking Hardware:

The following items are part of Doorking’s access control solutions and can be used separately or as a component of a larger system:

  • Electronic keypads
  • Access controls for multiple doors
  • Independent card readers
  • Magnetic gate locks
  • Deadbolt and strike electric locks
  • Magnetic door locks
  • Controls for radio frequencies
  • Readers for proximity cards
  • Several different types of accessories, such as high-gain antennas, enclosures, cables, and buttons
  • Software programs SmartOpen and Digital Lock Manager

How Doorking works:

  • Doorking intercoms are renowned for their sturdy build. The Doorking 1837 comes in two series: the classic 80 and the new 90 series. Both devices are set up using standard phone lines. Hence, they need conventional telephone wiring. The Doorking Cellular Connection Box, which is offered separately from the intercom itself, is required if you intend to switch to cellular.
  • Both devices operate in the same way. Residents can use their phone or an in-unit gadget to answer calls from visitors. The door can be opened remotely for the guest by pressing a button on the device.

What are the features of Doorking?

  • Cloud-based access control systems are not yet offered by Doorking. However, the company’s other security solutions provide a range of options, making it one of the top access control suppliers in the nation. With a strong foundation of customer service and top-notch products, Doorking has been able to preserve its reputable position in the access control industry. With the help of its broad product offering, Doorking uses its wide industry experience to provide customer-focused access control solutions. They are considered to have an excellent team of customer service representatives and to be attentive on their Facebook page. Doorking maintains client satisfaction with a top-notch customer support system supported by knowledgeable both technical and support personnel.

How much does Doorking cost?

  • The intercom product line from Doorking includes a wide variety of items, and the prices are as different. Before installation and accessories, hardware can cost as little as $700 or as much as $6500. There are additional costs related to further installation and cabling to connect to video because some of the Doorking access control solutions can only be used with standard telephone lines. Depending on the functionalities a customer decides to add on, installing additional hardware and accessories typically costs between $1000 and $2000. Additionally, Doorking’s solution only supports key card access, adding to the continuing expense of installing, tracking, and replacing the cards.

Doorking is a good option for access control if you need to protect your house or place of business. Almost any building that requires perfect protection can be secured, including a home, office, business, warehouse, restaurant, or other establishments. Doorking is a wonderful choice for areas that require a lot of help because of its excellent reputation for customer service. On the other hand, a future issue can arise from a lack of advanced technology.


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