Can a VPN be used alongside a password manager?

Can a VPN be used alongside a password manager?

In today’s modern internet and, well, cyberspace at large, the rise in cybercrimes is at its absolute peak. With that in mind, everyone should inevitably inculcate a little cybersecurity knowledge in their regular day to day lives, with the inclusion of acting upon it. There are, of course,a couple of things you can do to protect yourself online, and that is usually by using top grade security apps.

A few of the more notable security software is a VPN and a password manager. But, what happens when you pair the two together? Can it be done? Will that enhance or create drawbacks for online security and data preservation?

Before getting into all the details, let’s first discuss what a VPN and password manager can offer for online security.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is a security software that is designed to encrypt all your web traffic and data, passing it through secured virtual servers. With it, you will be able to anonymize your IP address, your web traffic, protect your device from cyber threats, and even access geo-blocked content worldwide. The possibilities are endless with anexemplary top VPN service, but only if you use it wisely.

What is a password manager?

Have you ever been locked out of accounts because you forgot your password? Or, have you intentionally created the same, weak password for majority of your bank apps, social media accounts or streaming service accounts? That’s where a password manager comes in. With a password manager, you will be able to store all your passwords under one app.

Plus, if you are not all that familiar with creating a strong password, the managing app will help create one for you with a password generating tool. Additional perks include storing all credit card details in your password managing tool so that it becomes easier when shopping online.

Can we run a password manager alongside a VPN?

Yes, you can. There are quite a number of VPN services that you can choose from that offer the best security features, and at the same time, there are a number of password managers that are reliable enough to store and manage all your passwords under one roof.

You will even find a password manager that offers a VPN service within its password managing app. However, I doubt that would make a reliable enough combo. The best bet would be to get a top of the line password manager, and the best VPN separately.

The two of them don’t tend to interfere with each other and that is a win-win situation. For instance, most devices come with an inbuilt Firewall, and at time certain VPNs offer this feature too. When using a VPN, it’s always advisable to disable your Firewall because the two overlap eachother.

With a VPN, you will be able to encrypt your internet connection and protect all web traffic through a secure tunnel. This will help curb most cyber threats or phishing attempts, and especially keep hackers at bay.

All this and more will definitely work wonders when you are using a password manager to store all your passwords, and especially credit card information. Plus certain password managers come with extra security features to help notify users on breaches or compromised data.

Other reasons why you’d need a VPN when using a password manager

In short, there is no software that is a 100% secure. A password managing provider might promote the best or the most secure software for you to store all your codes, but that’s not enough. You won’t be able to dodge the unlimited cybercrimes, nor protect yourself from online theft.

For instance, there might come a time when you go to a coffee shop or a restaurant, or even the mall. You plan on logging in to your bank account or media profile by using what is already stored on the password manager. What happens when you’re using a public WiFi and all your web traffic is exposed? A Virtual Private Network can help restrict such things from happening.

Hackers also have a way of stealing passwords and IDs while you’re using the manager to log into specific accounts. With a VPN, you will be able to avoid such attacks from happening or at least slow down the process.

Don’t get me wrong. Many password managers are secure and reliable and in the same way, only a few VPNs that are worth taking a chance on. However, no software on its own is strong enough. Plus, if you’ve got plenty of streaming accounts and store all its passwords in your password managing software, you will be able to access these accounts while traveling abroad easily.

Why? Because a VPN is also designed to allow access to geo-restricted platforms, services, or content. All you will need to do is connect to the desired server, and use your password manager to automatically sign you in to your streaming apps.

Is it advisable to use a free password manager and a free VPN?

As mentioned above, not every software is 100% reliable, so where would a free one stand? Most free security software only claims to work great but, in turn, causes more damage than it should. You can never trust a completely free password manager with all your sensitive information.

You might think to yourself that you’re only using the password manager to handle your Twitter account, or your Snapchat account, but one thing can lead to another. In the same way, a free VPN can steal data, including what’s on your password managing app.

To conclude

So, to conclude, and to answer your question, yes, a VPN can be used alongside a password manager. The security when pairing the two together is amplified. It will help keep the hackers away to an extent and provide you with the basic and advanced online protection you need. However, you need to make sure you go through all the details above and understand that not every tool works the same. With that said, make sure you look up effective ways on how to choose the best VPN and a safe password manager.


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