Top Mobile Apps Developed on React Native Framework

Top Mobile Apps Developed on React Native Framework

When it comes to React Native, it is one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks, which witnessed its major use in mobile app development. Before the release of React Native, the majority of mobile applications were developed on native platforms, be it on iOS or Android.

Of course, native apps are the first choices of businesses. But, the major issue with such an app is that it is expensive and every business can’t afford to develop. To develop a native application, developers need to write separate code for both iOS and Android platforms.

In React Native app development, developers don’t need to write separate code for different platforms. Rather than, they can write a single code and implement the same on both iOS and Android to develop apps. It not only minimizes the app development time but overall cost of React Native application development.

So, if you are planning to create a business application, you can consider React Native app development as the right option for you. And always hire a reputed React Native app development agency to get the top-quality solutions from them.

If you are still thinking about whether you should get a React Native application for your business or hire aReact Native development agency, you should go through the following apps. Going through these apps will definitely give you genuine reasons to opt for the React Native app.

Some of Popular Apps Developed on React Native FrameWork


Facebook is the first that leveraged React Native framework for app development and witnessed its unmatched potential and harnessed its plenty of advantages. As the most popular social networking site, Facebook is committed to improving the user’s experience while visiting its site by using cutting-edge technology. Of course, the Facebook application delivers a seamless user experience and witnessed higher engagement ever than before.

Meanwhile, it’s true that the entire Facebook application is not developed with React Native. Only some limited parts are developed on this platform whereas other parts are developed on the native platform.


Being one of the most popular platforms for image and video sharing platforms, Instagram is an emerging social media network that enjoys having a large number of the user base.

It’s another platform owned and controlled by none other than Facebook. Instagram also unlocked the power of React Native. After Facebook, It’s another app that is not fully developed on React Native framework. Only some parts are developed on the said platform.  


Tesla is another popular app that leveraged the React Native framework and benefited from this. As a reliable electrical motor industry, the app allows users to control their vehicles remotely. Be it monitoring charging progress or any similar activity, Tesla lets users avail of all these while improving their experience.

The app is blessed with an eye-catchy look and easily tantalizes the sense of users. It is invigorated with an engaging user interface that easily catches the attention of users at the first glimpse.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a popular mobile application that lets users place an order for delicious food from anywhere and any location. Apart from food ordering, users can easily track their food online, make payments online, etc. Users can view the cost and can place the order instantly.

Owned by Uber, Uber Eats witnessed a growing number of app downloads and thus the number of users. The app serves customers across the world in many locations.


It’s another popular application developed on the React Native framework. As a popular US-based grocery shop, Walmart lets users buy a wide range of products while improving their shopping experience. It operates from supermarkets, chains of grocery stores, discount departmental stores, etc. across the world.

Walmart’s React Native application lets users order a wide range of products from its stores and receives them at their doorstep. No matter how many items users shop through the application, they can make an instant payment through the app.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse tops among the list of some popular audio and music sharing applications. The app enables users to upload the audio or music directly and share it among other users who are available on this platform.


Above are some of the most popular music sharing applications that you can go through and witness their growing popularity. So, it can be the right choice for you to opt for React Native for your business app development. You can easily find a reliable React development agency that can cater to your needs.  

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