Top 5 Gaming Consoles You Can’t Resist!

Top 5 Gaming Consoles You Can’t Resist!

One thing that has consistently updated itself since the time it came out is the industry of video gaming consoles. Starting from the days of singularly- focused, very basic video gaming consoles, today we have super-powerful offering consoles, that are also portable, have HDR picture quality with ultra high- resolution while also supporting virtual reality. And the growth does not stop here, the industry is still very much in the run and is updating itself with every passing day.

Even though you get a wide range of options if you want to buy gaming consoles online, you will observe that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have taken up most of the gaming console market, with their vast variety of features offered at different price brackets. Whether you are a professional gamer who needs high-quality features for games like Cyberpunk and Legends of Zelda, or someone looking to bring back some of the nostalgic video game rushes from the 90s with Super Mario and Road Rash, today we will share with you the five top picks in the gaming console industry.

1. The Top Pick From The Microsoft Gaming Console Series: Microsoft XB1 Xbox Series X Gaming Console

The most power-packed gaming console in the Microsoft gaming console series to date, the Xbox Series X has both top-notch hardware, as well as software. Standing at a 4K video quality with 120 frames displayed per second, the user gets immersed in a whole different gaming experience with its 8K HDR capability of gaming. Standing at a price bracket of less than $500, the enhanced features for cloud gaming is pretty remarkable.
The console comes with a CPU holding 8 cores, a GPU with 12 teraflops, and a super-fast ability to store things in its RAM as well as ROM. You do not have to wait for your gaming console to load the game for long anymore, thanks to its super-fast processors. It has atmos- enhanced Dolby sound, a player mode for streaming 4K Blu- ray, and has the ability to stream the games with the highest resolutions.Not only is its design iconic, but the gaming controller that the console comes with also has the same sleek design, the buttons are designed for a convenient gaming experience.

2.The Top Pick From The Sony Gaming Console Series: Sony PlayStation 5 Gaming Console

The latest version of the Sony gaming console models, is the Sony Playstation 5 gaming console. Not only does it support 4K gaming and entertainment, it can also deliver up to 120 frames per second, and up to 8K capabilities for output. The memory and storage speed is spectacular and has almost no competitors, supporting up to a storage space of 1TB video games, for Youtube videos, and general entertainment stuff which can be increased further. You can also experience virtual reality gaming through this gaming console.

It comes along with a Dualsense controller for gaming, that supports triggers that are extremely adaptive, haptic feedback, and a microphone built-in along with the standard audio jack. In case you are looking forward to saving some extra money, consider buying Sony Playstation 5 online.

3.The Top Pick From The Nintendo Gaming Console Series: Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

When it comes to gaming consoles, or anything related to gaming in general, Nintendo has definitely established itself to its users as an iconic brand. And being the brand’s most popular product, the Nintendo Switch gaming console is probably the most versatile one in the entire gaming market. If you are looking forward to using it to play some mobile video games you are absolutely free to do so, whereas if you are thinking of turning it into a home gaming console, all you have to do is just dock it to a station, and you are free to enjoy it. The transition is absolutely seamless.

Not only that, an attractive feature of the Nintendo Switch is its vast availability of innovative Joy-Con controllers. The library of fun, cute, and adventurous games that are supported in this gaming console is constantly growing and bringing along the most iconic characters as well!

4.The Top Pick From The Entry Level Xbox Gaming Console Series: Microsoft Series S All Digital Gaming Console

While it was launched alongside the great Xbox series X, when it comes to buying inside a reasonable price range, the Microsoft Series S gaming console is definitely one of the best picks for entry-level gamers. It is capable of offering its users an HDR gaming display experience, capable of displaying up to a resolution of 1440p that goes with 120 frames delivered every second. You can even play videos of up to 4K HDR quality and have a storage capacity of up to 512 GB of onboard memory, which can further be expanded.

The console comes along with a revamped gaming controller with an iconic design that matches along with its gaming console but is also compatible with your keyboard as well as a mouse.

5.The Top Pick From To Bring Back The Gaming Nostalgia: Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console

If you are a gamer who is more into bringing back the nostalgic rush of video gaming, then the Sega Genesis Mini gaming console series is just the perfect pick for you! While it is more of a compact model of its original iconic version, the gaming console comes preloaded with as many as 42 games from the 90s that stay iconic in the history of video games, ranging from Earthworm Jim, Shinobi III, to the all-time favorite Sonic the Hedgehog, and a lot more, to take you on the perfect nostalgic time-tripping!

The Sega Genesis Mini gaming console has received very good reviews in The Verge, where the editor remarked that the gaming console has packed in it all of the basic features that one can possibly ask for, combined with great hardware as well as a great and a vast collection of selected nostalgic video games.

The Sega Genesis Mini gaming console series comes along with two of Sega’s iconic original three buttoned gaming controllers. You can also separately purchase smaller controllers that have six buttons on them.

As the gaming industry is getting bigger and bigger with every passing day, are you sure that your love for video gaming is catching up with the newer and the latest trends of the time as well? We hope that this article on the top 5 gaming consoles helped you out a little on achieving that, and do not forget to check out the gaming console accessories & products online!


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