The Potential of Technology to comprise The Lockdown!

The Potential of Technology to comprise The Lockdown!

“Technology Is Useful Servant But a Dangerous Master”

Well, the time has come to turn the table and let us explore the strength and the skills of what servants can do apart from just serving. It has been in the generation that servant is taken to abide by all the orders given by the masters. A similar case is with technology.  It can be a mind-boggling fact because technology has always been taken the role of development to make the lives better for everyone.  

People have always taken gadgets as a tool to rule over the people by showing the super cool servant. Depending on our past experiences, individuals have already overfilled the brim and have taken for granted likely, excess usage of apps, phones, software and exhausting work. These are some of the highly used technological aspects under the roof. 

Talking about the current example of people living the days of quarantine the technology has contributed again in the favour. It is because there have been many spheres where people have to build some apps. It may help you encounter the effectiveness of amid situation. It is the reasons you must meet with the fact that people are always inclined to the making of the given situation. 

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It can be taken that people of Ireland are serving the fourth week in lockdown and they are making their take comfortable. You must understand the fact here is that people are no longer in the manner of growing social contact. And to avoid that countries have come up with some elegant working APPS. The usage of apps is to benefit the people by getting needs and only clicking some enabled tabs. 

It is the role of technology which has again made clear that it is the time to acknowledge the performance of technology (servant).  What would you be doing with the current urge of making the stances clear, for example, you must know all the significance of varied forms of apps?

What apps do in the term of lockdown?

The performances of the working apps are meant to sort many troubles because it led you to stay at your place and function all the works.  There have been times where people do not understand the importance of technology through apps to make our lives better. Starting from the epicentre of coronavirus, that is, China has come up with an app that helps you to solve the detecting of more cases. 

There is another app by the WHO (world health organisation) which may help to spread the word of awareness in any way possible. Other countries like Singapore, UK have also brought the use of technology to fight for the app that uses to share. Therefore, you must track down the efforts of the developers to make its best use in every possible way.

Reading Below Are Some of the Apps to Consider

It can be a good move to count because the spreading of technology makes people gives a tough fight to end the spread of pandemic:

  • Health Map

The benefit from the map can be taken from the point when you are looking forward to growing the extent of awareness. It can help you to understand the ratio of what size the spread of the virus is around the city. 

  • Viva LNK 

Another star added in the name of technology to give a fight back  to the virus; it is an innovation by the startups . This help to check the temperature of the person instead of using physical mode to test the risky person.  It is known to be the best artefact born under the name of facts given by the experts.

  • Veredus laboratories

It is has developed the greatest technology to detect the much prone deseases. Like in the current scenario of COVID-19.

These are some of the essential working of technology come across and to be a hand in the current scenario.


When there is working health and demanding apps for the bigger picture; the society to be contributing its part. Such as:

  • Instagram

It can be assumed that people almost every person around the world are on the social networking site. In the list of people, their members who are using it to make people know, learn and optimise to keep healthy. Therefore, a good portion is working by the efforts of this app as well.

  • The Budgeting Apps

 People who are in debt are making the best use from it as it is helping to organize the money within less time of going out. The government has collaborated with most of the networking site to bring people closer.

Well, these two are on the current as the need for money is equally important.

Summing upThe spread of technology is vast, and it can capture every corner. Even if you have a low credit score that is hindering you from making the best use of money, do not worry.  There is a possible solution for bad credit loans in Ireland as well so that you can use it to invest in the technology of making such more apps. Therefore, nothing is much precious than accurate worth technology to work and saving each at everyone’s places.


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