The Best Google Routers Of 2021

The Best Google Routers Of 2021

Google isn’t just the go-to search engine for everyone anymore, the company towards the end of 2016 launched its own collection of Smart Home products – starting with the Google Home. Now fast forward to today, it has several models and several types of Smart Home devices. They have Smart Cams, Voice Assistants, Smart Speakers, Smart Hub, Routers, even Smart Door Locks. The technology is amazing.

Did you ever think Google would launch its own routers though? We’re used to buying the Linksys routers or just accepting the ones provided to us by our Internet Service Providers; but we never thought that a company like Google would launch a router. Now that they have their own routers, here’s a run-through of what they’re like.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

The Google Nest series have been pretty great, so you can only imagine how amazing the Nest Router would be. One device is enough to handle multiple electronics in your home and allow fast streaming of videos on different platforms simultaneously. With frequent and automatic updates, the Nest Router also protects your home network from any sort of malware.

When speaking of coverage, the Nest Router blankets your home (or approximately an area of 2200 square feet) with full connectivity eliminating any buffering issues on any device that is connected. To set up the device it’s pretty easy, and definitely does not require any help from a professional. Through the Google Home app, set up your network and get the device functional within minutes! And it is with the Google Home app that you can restrict content, and schedule timings for selected connected devices – makes it easier to get the kids to go to bed you know.

But what’s even better is that if you were to pair the Google Nest Wi-Fi router with the Nest Wi-Fi Point, the benefits are beyond amazing. The Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point when paired together can cover a total area of 3800 square feet – perfect for larger homes and even offices. That means uninterrupted streaming on the internet on any connected device. Oh, and before we forget, the two devices together can handle up to 200 connected devices! That’s not an extra zero just by the way. The Nest Wi-Fi Point is also a Smart Speaker featuring Google Assistant, so that’s a win-win situation.

Google Wi-Fi Router

The Google Wi-Fi Router is the perfect router for seamless internet connectivity for a 1500 square feet home. The area coverage can be expanded to 4500 square feet with a 3-pack of the Google Wi-Fi Router.

This device can handle multiple electronics connected at a time without causing any lag in any device. With the help of Google’s Network Assist software, you can easily prioritize specific devices in order to prevent any slowdowns in case of heavy network traffic.

With the Google Wi-Fi Router 3-pack, each of the Wi-Fi Points works together to provide complete connectivity wherever one device lags. So when you have the 3-pack, you shouldn’t worry about buffering issues when it’s a family movie night.

During days like the present, where we are one year into a pandemic, having great internet connectivity is a number one priority. That is because pretty much everybody in the household is using the internet – for school, online classes, online meetings at work, and even just binge-watching shows in your free time. The internet today is crucial, so is stable connectivity. What better than to make things much better with the Google Routers in your home. These devices can be found on First Engery Home website, along with many other smart home devices that would work pretty well when connected to these Google Routers.




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