10 Ways to Promote your Small Business with Instagram

10 Ways to Promote your Small Business with Instagram

Instagram, one of the second-most used social media applications or platforms is used for multiple reasons. However, the most primary one is to augment or boost businesses or brands. Other reasons for its popularity are for professionals who are into microblogging. Nevertheless, we know that building reputation, trustworthiness, authenticity is gained after sharing relevant and informative posts.

Profile on Instagram for small businesses is easy to make. All you are required to do is to follow the instructions and Tadaa! You are done with the very first step into the world of Instagram. What is difficult to do is to remain active, available, and positive all the freaking time.

That is the point where you will need our help. Yes, help to know the best ways of promoting small businesses on Instagram.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Ways to Augment Instagram for Small Business

We are sure there are more than ten ways to deal with the situation. But here, in this blog post, you will get to know the most workable tips or ways for augmenting your business profile on Instagram.

Way #1 – Make Short, Crispy, and Informative Videos

Instagram is a visual as in pictorial and video-oriented social media app/platform. It allows the user to share up to 30 seconds of video. Business profiles should contain short, crispy, and informative videos. That way, the audience is multiplied organically. Also, the brand or business motto, awareness about whatever it sells, and leads for sales increases. Obviously, it is not a fast-paced process. You, the owner of the brand, or any small business needs to be consistent and strategic while sharing content (in the form of videos) with the audience. Embedding Instagram short videos to your official website will help you in doing search engine optimization in a better and legit way.

Way #2 – Always Ensure to Respond

How do followers, likes, and another engagement boost? Have you ever thought of this question? If yes, you might have been baffled all this while. Let us inform you that taking out time for the sake of replying to your fan base or audience is the best way to promote business on Instagram. Keep in mind that comments take place only when there is a reply from the owner. Likewise, when someone asks an informative question or shares a thing or two about the business. Their profiles must be followed back. What does it do in return? It allows the audience to grow organically.

Way #3 – Believe in Crowdsourcing Images

Instagram is one of the best avenues or rather platforms for crowdsourcing images. What does it mean? Well, see… small businesses maintain photos from behind the scenes, etc., right? They have different categories of pictures. What these small businesses can do is to engage the audience and inspire them to share their pictures too. Later, this could be used as a competition in which the best image gets a reward. Another way of using pics of an audience is to showcase fans with the service or product small business owners sell.

Way #4 – Exhibit Brand’s Feel

Pictorials and videos are the main essences of Instagram. Such a facility or feature is not found on any other social media platform. If you have a brand or business or company around lifestyle. Make sure that you post videos and/or pictures of sunny beaches and all that audience can relate to the service or product you sell. You can also make use of videos and pictures to narrate a brand’s or company’s story.

Way #5 – Keep a Check on Instagram Likes and Engagement Rate

Understanding the preferences of an audience is crucial, right? But there is a way to check out what the audience is willing to see or is looking for. Check your posts. Then, see the number of likes or comments under the post. Doing so will give you an idea about the preference of the mass. Also, you can do research with the help of posts. You would ask how. Well, for a successful product launch, you can post two pictures with different color schemes, etc. Ask the audience which is better and why. Then, do what most people say or suggest.

Way #6 – Instagram for Small Business & Connection with Other Social Media Profiles

What will happen if all your major social media profiles are interlinked, synced, or connected? There will be more traffic, the potential of growth, more sales, more leads, and more money. Isn’t that what you are looking for? We are 100% sure you would love this idea. You will not take a minute to link all social media profiles. But what! Do you know why this is done? Well, if you don’t know. Let us educate. The thing is that, as soon as you share anything (a post with video or pictorial), it will automatically be shared in all other social media accounts. It includes Facebook, etc.

Way #7 – Use of Hashtags

Did you know hashtags help people to find videos and pictures on Instagram? The use of hashtags even helps you get new followers on Instagram. That way, you get what is needed and the audience gets what they want to see. Cool, isn’t it?

Way #8 – Use Specific Color for More Likes and Reach

There is an interesting workable fact about Instagram. Pictures that are blue in color tend to have 24% more likes and engagement rates. Remember, some colors simply hone your hormones while other colors don’t. Yes, you are right – it is all about psychology. Blue has some attraction and it clearly works on Instagram

Way #9 – Consistency and Resilience

We know that to reach somewhere, there are some groundings. Likewise, to reach a considerable level of engagement, audience, fan base, etc. it is a must to stay consistent. Posting pictures as per schedule is a must. It is the best way to promote small businesses on Instagram.

Way #10 – Post What Your Audience Wants

Posting what is needed from the audience makes much more sense than posting what you think is right. Creating videos behind the scene or work is one of the best ways to promote small businesses on Instagram. Check preferences of the audience, see what they want to see, and then posting according is the perfect way of handling the situation.




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