Quick Guide About The 602 Visa Processing Time

The Medical Treatment Visa 602 has been designed for applicants who have to visit Australia for certain medical purposes. These include visiting Australia for a medical consultation or treatment, donating an organ or supporting someone getting a medical treatment. If you have to visit Australia for any of these reasons, then, apply for the Visa 602. Conversely, you cannot apply for this visa if you want to get a medical treatment in Australia for surrogated motherhood. 

Where to apply for the 602 Visa from?

While applying for the 602 Medical Treatment Visa, you can be both inside and outside Australia. In case, you are applying for this from inside Australia, then, you have to remain there until a final decision. On the contrary, if you are outside Australia while applying, then be outside the nation until a final decision. 

What can you do with the 602 Visa? 

You can do the following things when you are holding the 602 Visa. 

  • You can study in Australia for 3 months only if you are 18 years of age. 
  • The 602 Visa chiefly allows you to get a medical treatment in Australia. 
  • This Visa also allows you to visit Australia for once until the completion of your treatment or 
  • Visit Australia as many times as you want until your 602 Visa remains valid. 

Remember, that your right to study in Australia might be shelved if you commit certain acts against the Australian laws. 

Collection of the right documents

Prior to applying for the Visa 602, you should gather all the essential documents in the proper and expected way. The necessity to provide these documents is to substantiate the claims which you will make in your visa application. You will become aware of these documents once you take a look at the document checklist of the 602 Visa. Amongst these, there are some documents as well which might take you some time to gather. 

Submit your documents on time

Despite this, you must ensure that you have collected all the documents properly before your visa application procedure begins. If some of the documents are incorrect or missing, then, it might slow down your visa processing as well.

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Submit and apply for the Visa 602

So, after you are certain that you have gathered all the necessary documents, you can now apply for your visa. After you have applied for the 602 Visa successfully, you will get a confirmation from the Australian immigration department about it. They will do this by sending you an acknowledgement letter to ascertain the submission of your visa application. 

The Processing Time of the 602 Visa

There are a number of circumstances which might affect the processing time of your 602 Visa. Some of these include whether you have applied from inside or outside Australia and the country you belong to. If you apply for this visa from inside Australia, then, do apply for the Bridging Visa B. The BVB will allow you to stay in the country lawfully while your 602 Visa is being processed. Not only this, it will also let you travel tech outside Australia until a final decision has been made. 

If you apply from outside Australia

In case you have applied from outside Australia, never pay a visit to Australia in any way. You can come to Australia only after you are informed via writing that your 602 has been granted.  

Pre-requisites of the Visa Subclass 602

If you also want to apply for the Visa Subclass 602 successfully, then, do meet the following requirements effectively. 

  • You need to prove that you are coming to Australia for donating a particular organ or 
  • You are coming to Australia either with an organ donor or patient who must apply for the Visa 602 or
  • You must prove that you are coming to Australia either for a medical consultation or medical treatment or 
  • You should prove that someone else is accompanying so as to donate you an organ or 
  • You are visiting Australia as a patient under authentic medical arrangements. These arrangements have to be made between the Queensland Department of Health and Western Province of Papua New Guinea or 
  • You are inside Australia and you are 50 years or above or 
  • If your permanent visa has been refused for medical reasons.

Apart from these requirements, you must also comply with a few crucial requirements to apply for the 602 Visa successfully. 

Other Notable Eligibility Requirements 

Some of the other eligibility criteria which you must meet to apply for the 602 Medical Treatment Visa are:

  • You shouldn’t be suffering from any sort of health issue which brings a threat to the Australian public health. 
  • Do meet all the health, character and financial requirements effectively and 
  • You shouldn’t be the holder of any of the visas given below. 
  1. The Domestic Worker stream of the Temporary  Work (International Relations)  Visa (subclass 403)  or 
  2. A Domestic Worker (Consular/Diplomatic) Visa (Subclass 426) 

After you have met all these requirements successfully, you can now apply for the Visa Subclass 602 straightaway. 

Conformity to Australian Laws 

While staying in Australia with this visa, both you and your family members must obey the country’s legal protocol well. This visa doesn’t grant any employment rights. So, you won’t be able to work in Australia with this visa. 

When to leave Australia?

You must leave Australia as soon as possible before the validity of your Visa Subclass 602 expires. It may be the case that your treatment’s duration exceeds the validity of your Medical Treatment Visa. Then, you should apply for another 602 visa from inside Australia. 

Clearance of Debts to the Australian Government

Prior to entering Australia, you shouldn’t owe any debts to the government of Australia. In case you have some, you must clear those debts first and then enter Australia accordingly. 

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