A Quick Guide for Offshore Mobile App Development

A Quick Guide for Offshore Mobile App Development

Numerous businesses choose offshore mobile app development rather than hiring in-house developers. Hiring offshore mobile app developers is a wise decision if you need a budget-friendly and experienced team in less time and efforts.

However, hiring an offshore mobile app development team is tricky and need the required steps to make a successful application.

According to Allied Market Research, The mobile app economy is predicted to reach $311.25 billion by 2023.

With the growing demand for mobile apps, businesses are rapidly moving towards mobile apps development across the world. Apps have become a significant part of our life these days. Even in organizations, some apps assist in business operations.

What is Offshore Development?

Don’t you remember the term outsourcing? Offshore mobile app development is outsourcing app development projects to third-party developers. Such services incorporate app design, development, testing, and deployment etc.

The increasing demand for mobile apps has simultaneously enhanced the demand of developers. Irrespective of size, every organization is facing in hiring internal teams.

The best solution to fulfil the app development needs of all these organizations is offshore mobile app development. It is also a budget-friendly way as the cost has become one of the biggest factors today.

Offshore development tends to hire developers from other countries for product development. Among all the nations worldwide, India is considered one of the best and reliable countries for IT services. Offshore development offers massive benefits to businesses.

Apart from software development, companies also outsource their BPO, KPO, data entry services, customer care services to India. Moreover, it is not just a matter of costs included in outsourcing.

It also helps enterprises to save their time and efforts required in the IT staffing process. Time zone differences add plus one in these benefits. Getting product development by offshore companies enables you to focus on your core business activities.

If you plan to hire an offshore mobile app development company, this quick guide is for you. It will cover different routes and the elements you need to point out when you outsource mobile app development.

A Quick Guide for Offshore Mobile App Development

1.Have a strong outline for the app

Having a good idea is always essential to make a development project successful. It is vital to analyze your idea and outline of the app. It helps you get a clear vision of your upcoming product. A solid outline of the app will make your search easier for offshore mobile app development.

  • What do you want from the app?
  • What is your target market?
  • Do you need an individual developer or a team of developers?
  • What type of app you need, either native or hybrid?
  • Do you want the app for Android users or iOS users?
  • What type of features do you need?
  • What is the future scope of the app?

There are lots of other questions here to resolve. To make your search better, find the answer to such questions.

2.Examine the development team

What type of team do you need for your app development project? How much experience is required to fulfil your product development? Analyze the experience and expertise of your outsourcing partner. If you need perfect developers, then make thorough research in examining the team.

Check their portfolio. Don’t trust only their words as it is not a good idea. If they are saying this, do they have the proof? Check their previous work and clients. Maybe they claim to be one of the most experienced development company but do they have it. Examine their certificates.

Moreover, you should check the build-quality of the apps they have developed.

Additionally, you can check the reviews, feedbacks and comments of their previous clients. Think as an analyst and find out the strength and weakness of your app development partner.

This research will be fruitful and profitable for your final product. Undoubtedly experience always matters in every phase of development.

Developers having long experience demands huge wages, but it is not 100% true that they are the only resource to get a good quality product. Sometimes, developers with a lack of experience can also deliver a brilliant product if they are technically trained.

3. Technology expertise

With lots of technical advancements choosing the best development environment has become typical. Choosing developers having multidisciplinary technical expertise is a great decision.

Therefore, whenever you need dedicated technical expertise and in-demand skills, then check the technology expertise of your app development partner.

Hiring developers with front-end and back-end expertise is less costly than hiring developers with Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence expertise.

4. Decide your budget

Have you decided on your budget? You can allocate the app to the developers as per your budget requirements. The cost of developing an app varies with every service provider.

To get the minimum app development cost, you should consider outsourcing mobile app development. There is a myth that hiring offshore mobile app development companies cost a lot.

However, you should ask for app development prices before hiring any company. Decide your budget and hire a budget-friendly and reliable partner for your project needs.

5. Support and maintenance

Offering design and development service are not just sufficient. Offering consistent support and maintenance is significant. There is a lot of work except designing and development, such as testing, analysis, promotion, deployment, maintenance and much more.

Before you outsource mobile app development, check the support service offered by the development partner. Start using the app before you launch to the market. Keep the app updated and resolve issues, if any.

Final Words

Outsourcing mobile app development is not an easy decision. You should be well informed and updated with the required steps to hire offshore mobile app development.

This quick guide will assist you with the best possible options you should consider while connecting with an offshore mobile app development company. Please pay attention to their skills, expertise, experience, communication and cost.

Choose a perfect partner for your project based on your business requirements; add type, budget, users and timeline. Save your time, money and efforts on hiring and training the internal teams. Offshore developers help you bring more focus on your business process and its objectives.

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