What toExpect in the New Windows 11 Update

What toExpect in the New Windows 11 Update

On the 24th of June this year, Microsoft announced the latest news and updates users can expect in their latest release of Windows 11. For those of us who just made the move to Windows 10 recently, you’ll be pleased to know that Windows 11 will be free to all current Windows 10 users – and it will include a huge range of brand-new features and useful improvements that will make your user experience so much better.

There are a few things you do need to take note of with regards to specifications and requirements for Windows 11. If you’re thinking of making the move, ensure you have the following: 1Ghz 64-bit dual-core processor; your device needs to be UEFI, Secure Boot & TPM 2.0 compatible; 9-inch display and 1366×768 resolution; your RAM should be at least 4GB and your drive needs to be at least 64GB; lastly, you’ll require DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WWDM 2.x.

If you’re unsure about any of these factors, just speak to your IT Support or find trusted IT Support Services in London to assist you with these kinds of queries and requirements needed. Speaking to your IT Support Provider about the upgrade is certainly a good idea for any business owner if you’re unsure about the products you use or how they will be affected. Your IT Support Provider will be able to provide the right Microsoft Office 365 Support and keep you updated in terms of the Office product changes and how they will affect you.

One of the biggest changes will be the brand-new user interface design. It was built from scratch and based around simplicity and making it easier to use. TechQuarters are trusted providers of a Managed IT Support London Package and know just how useful this will be. There have been a few UI features that Microsoft clients have been in need of, and now they’re here. Productivity has also been a major area of improvement for Microsoft, they’ve introduced features such as the new “Snap Navigator” which cleverly pre-programs certain apps to open in the way you would prefer them to – with your usual tabs, tricks, and tools open and ready to use.

We can’t wait to use these new exciting tools in Windows 11 and see how they’ll help us in our everyday lives and work environments too.


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