Reasons behind less student participation in classes and ways to overcome

Reasons behind less student participation in classes and ways to overcome

Student participation in the classroom is very important. To make students receive a quality education, only listening to the teachers and you being quiet all the time in classes won’t work. Similarly to make students understand, get doubts cleared, and analyze their received knowledge teachers need to make students participate too.

No effective imparting and receiving of education can be carried out without student participation. But there are a few reasons why students participate less in classes. Let us discuss these reasons and also some tips which teachers can follow to make students start participating more.

Reasons behind less student participation in the classroom

  • Coming unprepared to the classes

In every class, teachers start teaching by revising what was done in the previous class. When students come without revisions, they are not able to answer the questions of previous finished topics. As well as they understand the further concepts too. This reduces the overall participation of students in the classes.

  • Less interest in classes

The other reason behind students being less participative in the classes is that the teaching is not very interesting for them. When teachers only use textbooks and guides again and again to teach students, it becomes a monotonous practice for all the learners. And hence students speak up and interact less.

  • Fear of speaking up

Many students participate less in classes because of inner fear. They believe in the assumption that participation means giving the right answer. This makes them feel afraid of answering.

  • Less confidence

Even if students know the right answer, they don’t speak up because of a low level of confidence and fear of public speaking. This makes students less active in the classes. Fear of public speaking and less confidence must be overcome well in advance to ensure future success.

Encourage student participation in classes: tips for teachers

1.Develop a positive learning environment

Many students don’t participate in the classroom because they have the fear of being judged, criticized, and joked off. All students feel scared and less confident. And to solve this problem, teachers must focus on building a positive class environment. Ask your students to think optimistically and participate in classes. Set rules such as not laughing, interrupting, and joking when a particular student is speaking up in the class.

2.Use technology to teach

Many times, students don’t participate much in classes, because the teaching practices are not very engaging for them. Always lecturing and explaining the textbooks becomes monotonous for the learners. And therefore teachers must introduce technology in the classes for making students understand and participate more.

There are several online teaching sites that teachers can use to access audiovisual content for making classrooms interesting and more engaging for learners. Accessing educational videos, PowerPoint presentations, picture cards, visual notes, and modules are a few such examples.

3.Teach them that participation is not limited to giving the right answer

We all know that many students are reluctant to participate because of the thought process that participation means giving the right answers only. All teachers must make their students understand that participation in classes is not limited to giving accurate answers. Ask them to say whatever relatable they know. And ensure them that you will guide them with the right suggestions to improve. Encourage as well as appreciate them for their efforts.

4.Talk to them, give them comfort

The inner fear of participation can only be overcome when teachers will interact with students individually. All teachers must try to connect with all the learners one by one. Be gentle and affectionate with them and try to get aware of the reasons behind their speaking so less in the classes.

The comfort, love, and guidance provided will help students to overcome their fear of participation. They will feel valued and important to the teachers. Use LMS portals for managing a few classes where you can generally talk with students about their problems and guide them regarding the same.

5.Encouragement and appreciation

All teachers with patience, love, and affection, must encourage their students to participate. Also by setting a reward system and appreciation, teachers can foster student participation in classes. Along with vocal appreciation, giving batches, stars, books, certificates, best performers titles will also work. Not only appreciate the active participants but also the ones who are trying. This will make classes more effective and efficient for all learners.


For effective teaching and learning, students need to participate in the classes. But a few reasons such as low confidence, fear of speaking and answering, monotonous classes, and unpreparedness can affect this. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can overcome these problems and enhance the participation of students in the classes.

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