The Best Human Resource Management Systems in Indonesia

The Best Human Resource Management Systems in Indonesia

Is your HR team a little overworked to the extent that their work productivity is compromised? If yes, it’s about time you invest in HR software. The good news is that there’s a variety of human resource management systems in Indonesia, and you will never worry about finding a trustworthy provider.

Read on to learn more about this HR technology and a few software options to choose from.

More About HRMS

As the name suggests, HRMS makes it easier for human resources departments to manage several HR functions—from hiring and recruitment to benefits administration, payroll processing, time tracking, employee training, and more.

By deploying this HR management solution, users can focus more on the work that matters as the routine HR tasks run in the background. For example, this tool automatically calculates salaries while ensuring accurate deductions and taxes at the same time.

Other notable benefits of human resource software are the ease of accessibility and better data security. All HR data is stored electronically in a single location, making it easy for HR professionals to access information whenever needed.

Most HR systems also ensure the highest level of data security, thanks to multi-layered security features. HR software vendors install applications to prevent threats, such as unauthorised access, identity theft, spear phishing, mobile malware, and other security breaches.

Top Human Resource Management Systems in Indonesia


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tricor Group, Orisoft offers an end-to-end suite for human resource management. This web-based HR software brings everything you need to support your company’s growth.

Orisoft’s core functions include management for employee profiles, correspondences, leaves and entitlements, and more. Users can integrate it with other systems, such as payroll management, time and attendance, employee self-service, and business analytics and reporting.

2.Unit4 Prosoft

Unit4 Prosoft is also one of the top human resource management systems in Indonesia. This online HR software is available in neighbouring Asia Pacific countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Prosoft HRMS is a fantastic HR tool for many reasons, of which extensibility is one. It can adapt to changing market conditions as it allows users to integrate the software with other legacy systems without compromising its efficacy.

Also, this HRM system has several modules that cover the necessary functionalities for managing the workforce. Examples of such features are recruitment, personnel database, performance appraisal, payroll, training and development, leave management, and more.


HRZero is a breakthrough technology created by NTT Data Indonesia, a global IT services and applications provider. Its product development aims to provide companies with a complete package of HR administration solutions with no hidden fees.

Designed with an easy-to-navigate screen, HRZero promises user-friendliness, even to those with little experience doing IT-related activities. This software comes with functionalities that can boost your HR team’s productivity, including time management, employee self-service, payroll management, and more.


Thanks to human resource management systems, businesses can manage their HR operations at their fingertips. Talenta, in particular, is a handy HR software option because of the comprehensive features it offers to users.

Talenta enables flexible calculation and issuance of employees’ wages, simplifies employees’ time and attendance, and allows easy management of employee performance assessment, among many other things.

5.GreatDay HR

With GreatDay HR, human resource professionals will certainly have a great and stress-free workday. This HR system provides a single, streamlined, automated solution to manage many activities, such as database management, payroll processing, attendance monitoring, leave management, and more.

This all-in-one software boasts mobile and remote-friendly navigation, creating a seamless experience for HR teams and employees alike. It’s also fully integrated and updated because all HR data is synced to all corresponding functions.

Which Software to Get?

While this list provides you with the best HR software choices in Indonesia, the decision-making is still up to you. Understand your company needs, check your budget, and think of the features that your team will likely benefit from.




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