Quick Guide on How To Extend The Life of Your Headsets

Quick Guide on How To Extend The Life of Your Headsets

It is important to do thorough research and comparisons before investing in a pair of headsets. But what’s more important is taking care of regular maintenance of the headphones. This way, both personal and office headsets last longer and provide you with a good value. With the help of suitable tips and tricks, one can extend the life of a headset. For this reason, we have compiled a quick guide that consists of major practices that ensure a long life for your headphones. So, let’s have a look.

Tips To Ensure Your Headsets Last Long

Just like any other digital device, headphones require the user’s time and effort for proper maintenance. Because, in lack of care and maintenance, even quality devices like JABRA headsets will eventually wear out with time. So, now let’s look at the tips that will help you maintain the headsets so that they last longer.

Keep The Headsets Clean

The headphones are prone to dust if you use them in open environments. Besides, they gradually capture dirt from your ears as well. This dust and impurities can damage the headsets because they consist of small components that move to produce different sounds

The dirt gradually gets collected at the components, creating a barrier in their regular functioning. For this reason, one must keep the headphones clean using the tips mentioned below.

Wipe The Headsets After Use

On every use, the headsets are exposed to sweat and dirt. Hence, a good practice is to clean the ear cushions after use. One can use a soft cloth with hand sanitizer or other alcohol-based cleaners to gently wipe the earpads.

In addition, occasionally use cotton buds to clean the dirt from the folds and corners of the device. Moreover, one can clean the tips of the earbuds by removing them from the device and leaving them in lukewarm soap water for about 5 minutes.

Lightly Brush Off The Driver Units

Debris, dust, and earwax can get collected and hardened with time on your headset’s driver units. It is bad for your hygiene and the life of your device. So, it is better to gently clean them off with the help of a soft brush at least once a week.

Clean The Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is regularly inserted into different devices. With time, lint and dirt get deposited at the connector. It causes various issues like abnormal audio output, loose connection, headsets working on only one side, etc. To clean the jack, cover it with a cleaning cloth, hold it between the finger and the thumb, and rotate it to remove the dirt.

Take Care of Headset’s Cable

The headsets’ cord is important for its proper functioning, but most people don’t provide it with the care and maintenance that it requires. Consequently, the cable gets damaged, which ultimately causes the headphone to malfunction. Therefore, it is better to follow the below things to keep the headset cable intact.

Don’t Put the Headsets in Pocket

Putting the headphones in the tight pockets of jeans or trousers can permanently damage the cable. Because due to lack of space, the cable gets compressed which can lead to breakage of internal wiring.

Keep The Cable Untangled

Tangled cable is a big frustration of the headset users. That’s why they try to untangle it by forcefully pulling it. This can cause permanent breakage of fine wires inside the cord.

So, whenever the cable is tangled, start from the knot, nearest to the jack and gently untangle it. You can also use a headphone cable organizer to keep the cord tangle-free and safe from damage.

Don’t Roll The Cables Tightly

One must not put unnecessary strain on the cable because it can cause permanent damage to its inner wires. Moreover, avoid tight knots and loops while rolling the cable to increase its lifespan.

Properly Store The Headsets

It is not preferred to store the headsets in backpacks or pockets as their frame can bend or break. Instead, one must use dedicated storage for the headphones to keep them safe for years.

A dedicated case for storing the headphone is the most suitable way to increase their lifespan. One can easily find a good headphone case on an online shopping platform or at a local store.

However, keep in mind to pick a case in which the headphones can completely fit. But, make sure that the case is not too tight, or otherwise, the headphone will get damaged. Preferably go with a headset case that is neither too tight nor too loose.

Occasionally Replace The Ear Cushions

With time, the ear cushions of the headset wear out and become hard. Because they regularly come in contact with moisture due to sweat. It causes the top layer of the earpads to slowly peel off. Moreover, some ear cushions even rot in absence of proper care and cleansing.

Therefore, it is essential to replace the ear cushions occasionally. The same is true for the ear tips of the earphones. One must invest in quality ear cushions to get a comfortable experience on prolonged usage.

Avoid Contact With Moisture

Like any other electronic device, moisture can cause permanent damage to the internal circuitry of the headset. Also, it can cause stains on the ear cushion and weaken it. A good practice is to put a few silica gel packets in the headphone case or the place where you store them.

However, if the headphones come in contact with moisture for whatever reason, pour rubbing alcohol over them and leave them for drying completely. Afterward, check if the headphones are working or not. Consider the help of a professional in case of any problem.


With the help of the tips mentioned above, your headsets last for years without any issues. By investing in a reputable brand like PLANTRONICS headsets and following the above tips you can get the best value from a pair of headphones.

Moreover, renowned brands provide quality office headsets. They offer a comfortable and convenient sound experience to the users. Furthermore, quality headphones boost the productivity of an individual. In short, by selecting a pair of quality headphones and properly maintaining them you can ensure a good audio experience in the long term.

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