The best Google Chrome extensions 2021: do more with your browser

The best Google Chrome extensions 2021: do more with your browser

Is your browser plain, boring and only lets you access the websites you type into it? News flash: Chrome can be used for so much more than that!

To make it more useful and a lot more fun, here are our top Chrome extensions to download and add to your browser in 2021!


Sick of having to pass around your credentials, including your passwords, to teammembers so they can access your accounts for work? We get you! With LastPass, not only do you get to save your passwords in a highly secure vault so that you don’t have to remember one million of them for all your different accounts, but you can also share them with people without having to spell out your real password.

Not only that. This feature also makes it easy for you to have complex, and thus, more secure passwords to your accounts because you no longer have to remember each and every one of them.

Ideal for CEOs, managers, directors, and everyone concerned with their online and account security, this free tool is a great one to add to your Google Chrome browser. Add LastPass to Chrome here.

Tab Wrangler

Love opening hundreds of tabs on your browser so that you can quickly hop on over to things that interest you as soon as you get time—but you rarely ever get the time? The tabs then keep lingering around on your browser while you’re never sure enough as to when to close them, and they keep on taking up useful space while you’re afraid that if you close them, your precious pages will be lost forever.

If that sounds like you, we get you, and there is a huge possibility that the creators of Tab Wrangler did too. This nifty little tool can be installed as a Chrome extension and will get rid of tabs that have been open and unvisited for too long—without getting rid of them completely.

So, if you love keeping lots of tabs open, this is a must-have as it will let you keep your pages without having them take up too much space, negatively affecting your machine’s performance.

Ivacy VPN

Online security is one of the growing concerns of today’s world. As technology advances, so do methods to break into it, steal confidential information and use it to make money. Ivacy VPN will let you make sure that your online activity is confidential and anonymous and ensure that you are kept safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

The VPN does this by letting you connect to the internet via a proxy server, hiding the original IP address of your device, and letting you browse privately. Another valuable feature is that the app offers up to 256-bit military-grade encryption, in addition to other benefits like a dedicated kill switch, split tunneling, and DDoS and malware protection. Download Ivacy vpn chrome extension.


FoxClocks is the ideal Chrome Extension for you if you travel to different timezones often. Frequently switching between time zones makes it difficult to keep track of time because your sleep schedule often stays messed up.

This nifty little application will let you have clocks to all those different time zones right on your browser’s status bar so you can keep a check and avoid lagging behind. Additionally, this extension is also a great idea if you have clients or families living in different time zones.

This will make it much easier to tell what the right time to call or text a person is,as you wouldn’t want to catch themat odd hours.


Often scroll through websites having different pieces of content or graphics catch your eye, but you scroll past because it’s just too much effort to capture the bit, paste it, and safe it somewhere?

Love the idea of having an easy screen capture and record tool? Capture is a tool that will make sure that you can capture the contents of websites and different pages and save them on your device for later easily.

Easy to use, simple to access, and super useful, Capture is one of our most recommended Chrome extensions.



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