Fun Inside Activities for 8 Yr Olds

Fun Inside Activities for 8 Yr Olds

Fun inside activities are always a hit with kids of all ages. They love the freedom of doing something without having to go outside, and it is way easier for parents because they don’t have to worry about safety issues. So what are some good inside activities that kids can enjoy? These would also make for perfect 8 year old boy gifts. Read on below to find out!

Have a Baking Contest with Friends

Kids love to play with their food. Why not have them make some cookies or cupcakes for you? They will be occupied for hours trying out new recipes, and it is a great way to get your kids interested in cooking at an early age. This can easily turn into something that the whole family does together!

Go to the Park and Play on The Swings, Slides, or Jungle Gym

This one has been done many times before, but there are few things more fun than going outside on a sunny day anyway. All of those swings never fail to cheer up anyone who needs cheering up immediately.  Most parks also have slides which are always good for cooling off during hot summer days as well! You could even pack along with their bikes and go for a bike ride if you want to get some exercise as well.

Make A Fort Out of Sheets and Blankets

Kids love being outside, but sometimes they also need the comfort of their own home too. Do you have any old sheets or blankets lying around? If so, why not put them together as an indoor fort that your kids can enjoy whenever they please! This is great because it encourages children’s imaginations to run wild with all the possibilities that could happen inside this fort that they made themselves. It will be a fun afternoon project for everyone involved!

Play Dress Up in Your Parents’ Clothes from When They Were Kids

Nowadays, very few people still wear big baggy clothes like what your parents may have worn when they were younger. There are also some more modern clothing items that your mom or dad probably never got to wear, like skinny jeans, for example. Why not let the kids dress up in old clothes of yours and play pretend? They will feel like a kid again themselves! This is especially perfect around Halloween time if you happen to find any costumes lying around too.

Put Together Puzzles That Are Too Difficult For You To Do Alone

Puzzles are always good ways for children to learn problem-solving skills and how things fit together with each other correctly. If you notice one day that the child has gone through all of their puzzles, though, why not put something harder together yourself so it can be done without much help? This is great because it will help the child learn how patience works to complete their goal.

Make Slime Using Glue, Water, Food Coloring

This activity requires a little bit of adult supervision since you are using chemicals that can be dangerous if used incorrectly or stored improperly. Suppose this sounds like something your kid would enjoy, though then go ahead! It will make an interesting science project when all is said and done too. Ensure they wear gloves while doing this, so there isn’t any chance of getting any on their skin either!

Build Forts with Pillows and Cushions

Building a pillow fort is a great way to keep your child entertained during the day. They can have their friends or siblings join in if they want, and it doesn’t cost anything either! Make sure that you supervise this activity, though, just in case any of them try using sharp objects instead.

Put Together Doll Houses With Your Child

Dollhouses are another classic toy for little girls, especially since there are many types to choose from these days. If you happen to find one lying around somewhere, then why not put it together with your kid? This will give kids invaluable experience on how things fit together correctly while also helping children develop fine motor skills. The possibilities truly are endless when combining toys like this!

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Making homemade ice cream is a fun way to spend time with your kids. They will love seeing how the ingredients go together, and they can even help if you want them to! Get creative in any way that you see fit when trying different flavors, too, since it’s all down to personal preference these days what tastes good or not.

Teach Kids How To Sew with Old Scraps of Clothes

This activity requires a lot more adult supervision than most others, but if this sounds like something your kid would enjoy, then why not give it a try yourself? It might be not easy at first, but once they get the hang of sewing things together, they’ll have fun showing off their new skills whenever anyone else needs some mending done around the house.

As we conclude this blog post, it’s important to note that creative playtime is one of the best ways for kids to learn. It engages their imagination and provides a safe place where they can work through difficult challenges and hone skills such as empathy and problem-solving. We hope you found some fun games for your 8 year old to enjoy!



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