Top 7 Educational Apps to Better Studies for Students

Top 7 Educational Apps to Better Studies for Students

Educational apps for better studies for students are very important nowadays. That’s because in the new normal in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of learning is shifting rapidly to online platforms.

Indeed, educational apps are seen not only to help students learn better but also to bridge the gap in education that months of school and high school closure have caused.

Benefits of Educational Apps

Additionally, there’re several other benefits of these apps too that promote better studies for students.

These benefits are available to all students that use educational apps. In fact, some apps offer a totally different form of learning and different subjects than the typical school curriculum.

This Educational Apps can help a student to learn new topics and skills too.

Using these Educational apps helps your child to make gainful use of the time they would otherwise waste on playing video games over mobile.

And the student also learns a lot about technology and how apps work. They can learn about a subject they wish to pursue higher studies or acquire skills in speaking a foreign language.

If this sounds interesting enough, here’s my curated list of the best educational apps for better studies for students.

Best Educational Apps for Better Studies

Most of these apps are available free of cost and can help a student to grasp a subject better.

However, on some other apps, you may have to pay a nominal fee to access a specific course. Regardless of which ones you decide to use, these apps immensely benefit all students.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the best app for students and teachers. It allows teachers to create a virtual classroom with several students. And students can easily access Google Classroom.

Teachers can share notes of their lessons and give assignments to students. On the other hand, students can submit their homework and projects through Google Classroom seamlessly.

Furthermore, Google Classroom also enables students to interact live with their teachers. Additionally, schools can also hold virtual meetings with parents and students when necessary.


edX is a superb Educational app for high school students that wish to fine-tune their knowledge about a specific subject with free and paid courses from reputed American universities such as Princeton, Harvard, MIT and others.

Here you will find countless courses that provide free certification as well. In fact, some of the courses available on edX also help you prepare for higher education at colleges and universities.

This is a superb app if you want advanced knowledge about any subject at high school. However, most courses have limited seats only. Therefore, ensure you register well in advance for a course.


Any mention of educational apps for better studies for students is incomplete without the mention of Udemy. In fact, Udemy is the largest educational app in the world. You can find countless courses for students of all ages.

While some of the courses are accessible only after you pay a fee, there’re countless free courses too. And the good news is that such free courses are available for school and high school students as well.

You can gain a lot of knowledge about any subject from some of the best teachers in the field from Udemy courses.


One of the best things that students can learn is a foreign language. And that’s what Duolingo is all about.

If you’re studying a foreign language at school or high school, fine-tune your linguistic skills with the Duolingo app.

This app features language lessons in four levels, including beginner, intermediate and expert. All you need to do is go through each of the levels and learn the language.

You get to learn proper spelling, usage, grammar and pronunciation of words in foreign languages through Duolingo.

If you want to improve your Spoken English really fast this app will help you with that. Duolingo is popular for its English teaching system which is suitable for both beginners as well as experts.

 Khan Academy

Khan Academy has one of the best educational apps that helps students to study better. This app also helps students to prepare for competitive exams such as SAT, MCAT, LSAT, and others.

They provide videos created by experts, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math subjects such as arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, science subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, economics topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and capital markets, humanities studies including art history, civics, finance, US history, US government and politics, world history.

You can also find computer science studies on this app.


If you’re weak at Math and would like some extra help for free, try the Photomath app. It helps you to learn how to solve complex math problems in a very easy to understand and user-friendly manner.

You can simply upload a picture of handwritten notes or printed questions on the app and get the answers on how to solve a math problem.

Additionally, animations guide you step by step on how to solve a math problem, so that you can comprehend it better to overcome difficulties in learning mathematics as a subject.


Basically, SoloLearn is for students that wish to learn to code. It is useful for students of all ages that wish to learn to code since the app features free tutorials in various coding languages including Java, Python, C++, Swift, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others.

Other than tutorials, SoloLearn also comes with a free mobile coding editor.

And there’s an entire community of amateur and professional coders available through the app to whom you can refer if you require any help with the coding lessons or in coding itself.


Quizlet is a very popular educational app for students that helps them study better. It features various study modes buttons such as learn, flashcards, write, test and match.

Each mode provides you with a different way to learn any topic of your choice. This app is ideal for school students since the topics are from the school curricula.

Their most popular feature is flashcards, which helps you to memorize a subject quickly.

They have millions of such flashcards, with a set for each different subject. It’s also possible to share these flashcards with your classmates.

In Conclusion

These best eight educational apps can definitely help students to study better. in case any of you don’t want to download the app, there are many other educational websites for students are available online.

As you can see, these apps cover a wide range of subjects both within and outside the regular school and high school curriculum.

Hence, they’re useful to the widest possible community of students around the world. As a matter of fact, several schools also encourage their students to use apps during their spare time to learn more about any subject of their interest. And with smartphones becoming easily accessible, such apps are gaining immense popularity around the world.

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