Discover now how to make your home safe

Discover now how to make your home safe

It doesn’t matter the location , or if it’s a house or apartment. Residential security is a matter of utmost importance! No one is free from having their house invaded, especially on vacation. So you need to know how to make your home safe.

Taking care of security is an investment that brings peace of mind. After all, your home is where the most important things and people in your life are. The price of not taking the proper precautions can be very high.

Making some changes and adopting habits in the home routine increase residential safety. This is always important, but during a trip it is essential to stay calm. Check out the following tips and see how to make your home safe.

Keep doors and windows locked

Before traveling, check carefully that everything is locked. Remember to reinforce the entry of funds, preferred option for invaders. The doors can be reinforced with the tetra key, which makes the lock four times safer.

Another option is the multipoint key, which has a variety of combinations and ensures enhanced security. It is a computer-encrypted key and offers greater protection against tampering.

If possible, place bars on all windows and overhead doors. They can be reinforced with padlocks, but these can be broken by more experienced thieves. So don’t just rely on them.

The market offers alarms for doors and windows of the magnetic type. The device has two parts and a magnet in each. When separated, they activate the alarm system.

Invest in technology

A residential security circuit, for sure, will bring peace of mind not only while you travel, but for a lifetime. In addition to installing sensors on doors and windows, as mentioned above, you can include other items.

Motion sensors are used to detect intrusions on site. They work with movement recognition or body temperature. This technology allows the system to be programmed not to trip when pets are present.

Presence sensors for lighting are also useful. They work in a similar way to movement, but instead of triggering the alarm, it turns on a lamp. This, in addition to attracting the attention of neighbors, scares and can scare away a possible invader.

The camera circuit is also very useful, including the possibility of viewing the images on any mobile device, allowing the owner to see their home.

If you live in a house, consider installing an electric fence. This device protects the house and, in addition to giving non-lethal shocks to intruders, also activates the alarm system.

Notify nearby neighbors

It is important to alert neighbors with whom you are intimate so that they are aware of any strange movement. Knowing that you and your family are going to be away, they can call the police if they notice another unauthorized person present. Family tracker apps can be used to notify one another of their whereabouts.

Preferably, leave the key with a person you trust. It is important to take this attitude especially if you are going to take a long trip. That’s because a malicious person can be around and notice that your house has an accumulation of correspondence on the floor or spends a lot of time without any movement.

Turn off phone and ringer

There are thieves and gangs specializing in home invasions and they are much smarter than we think. They can verify the absence of people in a home when they notice that the phone rings, without anyone answering.

They may even be able to discover your phone number and make calls to take a test. To avoid this, you can forward calls to your mobile.

Also turn off the doorbell and intercom in your house for the same reason. That way, if someone is probing, they won’t hear the call sound and will be in doubt if it’s broken. After all, a beep calling without anyone picking up means no one is home, doesn’t it?

Beware of the Lighting

It is quite common to think that leaving a light on while traveling will give thieves the impression that there are people at home. Well, it’s the opposite! By noticing that there is a light on 24 hours a day, the intruder makes sure that there is a residence without people.

An alternative is to use the photoelectric relay on the outside lamps. This is a home automation system that determines when the lamp will be turned on and off, according to the amount of light in the environment.

That way, during the day you will have lights off, and at night, the lights are on. It is an item that also brings energy saving advantages in addition to safety while you are traveling.

Avoid domestic accidents

When leaving for a trip, close the drains and cover the toilet. Be careful not to leave food scraps open or out of the fridge and remember to take out the trash. This will avoid the presence of insects and mice.

Unplug electronic devices from the socket, avoiding electrical overloads and even fire in the house. However, fridge and freezer must remain on, unless they are empty and without food.

If it’s raining, remember to clean the gutter so you don’t have problems with clogging and damage to the property. Close water and gas valves to prevent leaks.

Be aware of residential security in condominiums

Condos, whether houses or apartments , offer more security. This is because access can be controlled and homes are less visible to onlookers.

If you live in a condominium , it is worth taking the matter to be discussed at meetings and assemblies. Suggest the adoption of security measures, such as the installation of circuit cameras, alarms and electric fences in all common areas . Everyone’s safety is favored with the use of technology.

In condominiums of houses, a system of night patrol can be adopted to guarantee the surveillance of the residences. Vulnerabilities need to be minimized as much as possible to ensure the integrity of residents and their homes.



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