Know Here The Difference Between Payroll Software and HR

Know Here The Difference Between Payroll Software and HR

Many businesses often suffer from a lack of a proper human resource department.

This lack ultimately affects their performance management and their image in the market.

At the same time, some businesses find it hard to disperse employee’s salaries on time due to the lack of efficient payroll software.

However, the more significant issue here is that some get a bit confused between payroll software and HR.

We have come here to dispel this confusion between two very different business departments.

Did you know that Payroll and Human Resources offer two different functions within any business, but these also tend to cross paths on many tasks?

That is right! It might look a bit easier in theory, but is a bit difficult in practice

To put a long story short, one needs to understand that both of these work together, but at the same time, are way apart in functionality.

From a business’s owner’s point of view, one needs to be well acquainted with these terminologies. You would also need to know how both of these work in harmony to produce the best results from employees and at the same time, create an efficient work environment.

First, let us begin by understanding what exactly it is the HR department does.

The Human Resource Department

The primary responsibility of the HR person or department is managing the workforce within the organization.

  • HR’s main job is to let every employee give their best at the workplace and provide a new workforce to the company. They also deal with any issues, which the employees might have with the management.
  • HR personnel works to keep the employees motivated and encouraged to improve their performance with different compensation and reward systems.
  • The reward system can include bonuses, commission, or extra holidays.
  • You should know the HR department also works on different training programs to help employees develop new skills and add to the growth of the organization.

However, that is not all the HR departments or personnel does.

They also work on some fun events, including the planning of company events, team-building exercises, and festival parties.

In short, if you are searching for a professional with efficient people management skills, then HR is the option to choose.

How HR Manage All These Activities?

The HR personnel manages all of these activities using an HR software tool. They can easily keep track of each employee without any risk of loss or miss management of the data.

It helps the personnel to evaluate the performance of the employee, especially during the time of promotions and appraisals.

The whole program saves ample time and removes the need to hire an extra person only for managing each task manually for error-free work.

Now, let us understand the payroll system and how it helps an organization function smoothly

What about the Payroll Software

The very term ‘payroll’ refers to the process through which the employees receive their monthly salaries.

  • Payroll departments in an organization process, balance, and reconcile the payroll data with accounting systems.
  • The payroll system calculates any expenses, bonuses, holiday payment, and overtime on a monthly and weekly basis.
  • A payroll system works on different financial facets, including maintaining business records of wage deduction, and verification of the payment before processing.
  • After the payment, it prints payslips with updated records of payment and tax deduction of each employee in the company.
  • The payroll system, in most cases, includes the taxation system at the location where the organization operates. It works with the accounting system, which gives out the exact result after proper tax deductions, reimbursements, overtime, and other payroll criteria set by the company.

Every organization uses payroll software for different departments and depending on the specific tasks. Without efficient payroll software, taking care of payment-based tasks would become impossible to manage. All you need to do is select a particular department or employee for the program to work. The software takes care of the results depending on the option without any error.

The Major Difference

The biggest difference between HR personnel and payroll software is the type of personnel one hires to handle either of these.

You must understand that either of the jobs requires a person with a specific skill set.

On the one hand, the payroll program runs on one’s understanding of numbers, different tax laws, and the accounting process. You would need an individual with highly logical and mathematical skills.

On the other hand, the HR department works mainly towards people management and organization. Hence, you would need individuals with excellent communication skills so that they can bring out the best in other employees.


Without a doubt, both of these entities play an essential role in the smooth functioning of a business. In short, each of these has its importance, but when it comes to managing the payments, payroll software takes the cake.

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