Modern-day mobile applications need to focus on the current development and consistent improvements; therefore, developers focus on offering accurate features to the mobile app. The present market scenario is booming with Android applications, and the demand is increasing tremendously. Android is the most preferred and most significant OS platform for various business kinds and industries. App development is not an easy process and launching it in the market with the right strategies is also crucial to sustain today’s market.

With the growing competition, developers need to curate a mobile application that stands out from the other android applications present in the market. Moreover, the developers also need to ensure that the technology supports the android platform as its operating system. As Android is an open-source platform, it becomes easier to make custom applications based on business needs. However, several security issues come with Android being an open-source platform and most preferred by the developers. Therefore, you can outsource professionals from the top android app development companies to curate a practical mobile application.

Challenges Faced While Developing Android Mobile Applications

Let’s take a look at the common challenges faced by developers while developing Android applications for various platforms and different types of enterprises.


Android holds several versions of its operating systems, making it difficult for the developers to manage the consistent updates as per user requirements. Fragmentation is divided into three elements of software fragmentation, device fragmentation, and testing fragmentation. Every version has its unique features, enhancements, and technologies to function accurately. Nonetheless, not everyone uses the same performance for their business. The developers, thus, design every version keeping in mind the user experience of all to be similar.

Device fragmentation is another challenge faced by developers. Many Android devices come with unique ecosystems and sundry screen resolutions. Furthermore, with the increasing number of devices in the market, it becomes difficult for the developers to manage every Android OS. Moreover, every smart device has its unique features like display size and resolution. The developers thus can easily customize the OS as per the requirements of the mobile application.

The testing fragmentation enables the developers to test the application before launching it for the users. Every device has its testing environment, and the testing experts are required to examine the app with new strategies every time. Moreover, mobile app developers in India developers can quickly fathom the fragmentation issues without any hassle.

2.Security Issues

Android being the largest market share in the world makes it more exposed to cyber-attacks. Google consistently updates the security patches and updates to fix the security issues in the Android operating system. However, security malfunctions are caused as the developers make various changes in the Android platform to make it compatible with the mobile application. Therefore, Google is not responsible for such security patches and updates and hence does not address the same for any mobile app. The developers are then forced to combine robust security features and advanced mechanism encryption to shield the user information and application. However, by outsourcing from the top application security testing companies, you can maintain the security of the Android operating system.

 3.Research and Market Penetration

The challenges mentioned above explain the vast market Android devices hold. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the new applications to recognize and reach out to the audience in various marketplaces. Another issue posed by Android’s extensive size market reach is causing the high android cost of market research. However, to develop an Android mobile application, you need to examine user behavior, retention rates, user interactions, and logging activities. Moreover, if you want to build a practical and productive mobile application, you must research the market and fathom your target market’s current requirements and expectations.

Nonetheless, the information is also essential if you aim to curate a user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appalling Android mobile application. To gain further guidance, you can always outsource from the app development companies in India to curate a mobile app based on the latest market trends.

4.Growth in Application Visibility

Google play store holds millions of Android mobile applications, from which it becomes difficult for the user to select the one meeting their needs. Several of these applications are available to download for free. Therefore, developers need to develop a unique mobile application to stand out from the other mobile applications to increase downloads. By strategizing a unique optimization, a developer can enhance the viability of the Android app easily. You can increase visibility by selecting a special icon, the correct name, including the right keywords in the description of the mobile application, and adding high-quality photos and videos.

However, with the help of experts from mobile app development agencies, you can quickly increase the visibility of your mobile app and increase the number of downloads.

 5.Patent Issues

Unlike other platforms, Android does not hold a strong quality checking of the mobile application before uploading on the play store. The lack of quality checking strictness makes it a simple process for developers to launch new Android applications swiftly. However, Google play consists of several mobile applications that copy several features and functions of other mobile applications. The developers often include similar elements and functionalities in the application without referring to any patent laws. Thus, several mobile applications fall under the violation of the patent laws and copyright issues. Several Android app developers have faced challenges due to copyright issues. Therefore every developer needs to ensure their application holds unique features and concepts prevailing patent rules before launching for the users.

 In Conclusion!

It is clear now that developers have to address several Android mobile app development challenges to succeed in the modern market system. However, these challenges may differ from one application type to another. They may prove to be burdensome for the developers, but with the help of experienced mobile app developers, it becomes easier and the project completed within the timeline. Every developer needs to introduce their unique mobile app development strategy to identify and overcome the challenges of developing the Android mobile application.

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