Cell Phone Repairs Are Better Than Purchasing New One

Cell Phone Repairs Are Better Than Purchasing New One

Are you in a dilemma as that which one is better between cell phone repair and purchasing a new one? Cell phones don’t last forever. When by mistake you spill a liquid on it or drop it from your hand, your Smartphone will damage at some point. If we ignore these things after some time these small damage transform into large damage. Due to technological advancement, you can see the advanced features in the latest handsets. A broken Smartphone is troublesome you might have encountered. As we all know the mobile phone has become a part of our lives. Nobody can survive without it as this is an intrinsic part of our life. One of the worst things is that could happen if our phone gets broken or damaged. Now, in such situations, we get into the confusion of whether to repair our damaged phone or buy a new phone? Some parts are easily replacement parts are easier such as charging port, headphone jack and pixel 3 battery replacements, and many more.

Factors you have to consider when fixing a Smartphone:

  1. What is the age of the phone?
  2. How deep it’s damaged
  3. How much time it may take to fix it
  4. The cost of repairing it versus replacing it
  5. Whether the damage is covered by a warranty or insurance

These factors play a vital role to help you for making decisions. However, if your cell phone is damaged then upgrading it to the newer model may be a better option. If you want to repair a broken cell phone, then before it you should check your device manufacturer for a list of authorized repair partners that are technically sound at fixing all the types of phones you have. If your phone needs some up-gradation then it’s more advantageous to repair than replace it. Then it will also save you money and time.

The Benefits of a Smartphone Repair include the following:

  1. It is Cheaper to Repair than to replace
  2. Data Protection
  3. Select a good Smartphone repair service provider
  4. Read all the reviews about the service provider
  5. Convenience
  6. Repair cost
  7. Save your money
  8. Save our environment
  9. Getting the maximum value

It is generally cheaper to repair something than replace it. It can be cheap to fix a cracked screen, replace a memory card, or just clean out old applications for it to run faster. Some phone companies give you exciting offers and great deals for their fastest model that will change your Smartphone experience. If your phone is completing every task you need, there is no reason to replace it. If it is minor manageable damage that is cheap to fix and a simple repair makes sense as you can attain far more from your investment.

Sometimes when we go to the repair shop then they will talk about replacing the parts such as the battery, headphone jack, charging port, and pixel 3 battery replacement. Companies have tried to push you for replacement.  It is little surprising that these companies push for replacement instead of repair. But sometimes are right or sometimes not so you should think twice before replacing your phone instead, considers getting it repaired.

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There are some cons and pros:


  1. Maybe according to your cell phone condition a repair could be more costly than a replacement.
  2. Certain types of damage may not be repairable.
  3. Your phone may not work as well as it did before, even after repairs.


  1. A fix may be cheaper than a replacement
  2. No need to adjust to or learn how to use a new phone
  3. Some damage and repairs may be covered by your warranty or insurance

 When Should You Fix Your Smartphone?

If you don’t have warranty protection on your Smartphone and attempting to repair your device on your own then it might worth trying when there is minor damage. Make sure you have to be very careful because there is risk involved such as causing more damage than before. In many cases, it is better to seek help from professionals, whether that is your device manufacturer, like Apple or Samsung, or your local phone repair Mississauga in Canada. You can very easily communicate with the trained technician in your local area in Canada about your issue. One of the best repair shops is Esource Parts you can visit their website and read all customer’s reviews I assure you that they will not disappoint you at all. Even with the repair section, there is a huge wholesale hub for cell phone accessories and the latest gadgets. They will guide you whether it is required troubleshooting or replacement of your phone.

When Should You Replace Your Smartphone?

In many cases, replacing your damaged Smartphone is a better option than fixing it. For example, you should think about replacing your phone in some cases such as:

  1. Replacement costs less money than repairing it. In many cases, there are too many defects in the Smartphone then replacement is better than troubleshooting.
  2. Your present phone is outdated required updation, and you want to upgrade to a newer model like 3G to 4G.
  3. You have too many issues, such as a cracked screen, buttons are not working properly, a malfunctioning speaker, and many more.

These factors for repair versus replacement vary from person to person, so thinking about it what you need from a Smartphone.

Final words

As we all know making a final decision to replace or repair your cell phone is not easy. Most Smartphone’s are made of delicate glass fronts. Some Smartphone are made of delicate material that can easily be replaced when they crack. But some issues like battery, charging port, headphone jack port, pixel 3 battery replacements, and many more only resolve by replacement of that particular part. Don’t wait! Check out our website and avail of many great deals &offer on replacement phone parts and Phone Repair Mississauga in Canada.



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