15 best online games to play today

15 best online games to play today

Games are available on platforms like PS4 consoles, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and more; no need to spend money to play

To start being part of the universe of online games it is not necessary to have great technological devices. However, strategy is key if you want to win and achieve high positions in all available rankings. Also, having good phone and internet bundles is imperative.

With so many great options available on the market, we know it can be a little difficult to choose which game to start your adventure with. To help, we’ve made a list of the 15 best games to enjoy today. Check out!

1. League of Legends

One of the first and most famous MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), League of Legends brings 5v5 confrontations in a strategic dispute for the dominance of the map and the enemy base.
During matches, competitors face map enemies and other players while strengthening and making the confrontation more intense.
The game features several free champions and users can pay forever to have access to their favorites in a roster of over 150 characters that continues to grow.
Each champion has its powers and specialized abilities to master certain areas of the game. Recently, a mobile version called League of Legends: Wild Rift was also released, which has specific differences from the original game.

2. Fortnite

Another very popular Battle Royale is Fortnite, by Epic Games, with gameplay similar to other titles of the style: competitors on an island and deadly shootouts, but with 100 participants.
A particularity of the game is that it allows users to break objects to obtain materials and build buildings in the middle of the matches.

3. Free Fire

One of the most popular Battle Royales, Free Fire brings confrontations of up to 50 players. They are placed on an island where the safe area shrinks and encourages confrontation between participants. Competitors are eliminated until there is only one survivor.
One of the reasons for Free Fire’s popularity is that it offers faster matches compared to other games of the genre and has slightly more modest visuals to run on weaker devices.
The game also received its Free Fire Max version, which brings improved graphics for more modern devices and even allows you to play against competitors of the standard version.

4. CS: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most classic first-person shooters available, with a formula close to Counter-Strike, but with a certain polish.
Teams of five players face each other as offense or defense through rounds as they try to plant or defuse bombs and capture or rescue hostages.
Users who win the rounds earn money and can equip themselves even better for the next clashes. While the rounds themselves are short, full matches can be a bit time-consuming.
The game also has a Battle Royale mode added in 2018 called Danger Zone that allows up to 18 players to face each other.

5. Among Us

Intrigue and manipulation are the basis of Among Us, a game that places a group of participants in a spaceship where they have to perform minigames to keep it running.
If all tasks are accomplished, the crew wins, but there is an imposter infiltrated among the players or even more than one in some.
This imposter will try to sabotage the ship and eliminate the other competitors to gain victory while blaming the innocent and trying to make them fight each other.
Among Us is an especially fun game to play with friends and has received several updates to make it more complex, such as specific roles for players and rooms with up to 15 users.

6. Call of Duty: Warzone

The classic war series also entered the world of Battle Royale with one of the best first-person games of the genre. In Call of Duty: Warzone, users can play in a wide variety of modes such as solo, duos, trios, or with a 4-person squad.
Up to 150 competitors face off as the safe area of the map gets progressively smaller. There is the possibility to carry out missions to earn money and buy items or find out where the next safe area of the map will be.
Along with Apex Legends, it was one of the first Battle Royales to incorporate returning players after being eliminated, which adds an extra dash of strategy.

7. World of Warships

For players who value strategy over reflexes, the World of Warships and World of Tanks series of multiplayer games feature war simulators that value the maneuvering of military units on the battlefield.
When you see your opponents, it’s not about who can shoot the fastest, but who can make the best shots by calculating the trajectory of your shots.

World of Warships features several historic ships of different classes, each with different types of weaponry, such as cannons, torpedoes, and even aircraft carriers that send aircraft on the attack.

8. Apex Legends

From the creators of Titanfall 2, Apex Legends is a first-person battle royale shooter that features precise gameplay and heroes with special abilities that create a frantic shooting experience similar to the old Titanfall series.
Apex Legends was one of the first to bring systems that would become common in Battle Royale, such as the power to resurrect your downed teammates.
Another feature is the “Ping” mechanic, in which the user can indicate points of interest to other players on their team. New champions, or “legends”, are added slowly, but they greatly change the gameplay.

9. Destiny 2

The Destiny franchise is developed by Bungie Studios, responsible for the original Halo trilogy. Furthermore, it is one of the biggest games to bring the concept of “Game as Service”, which offers a continuous game to play for long periods in a PvE (Player vs Environment) environment.
In this first-person shooter game users can complete different missions alone or with friends, level up, learn special skills, and hunt equipment with the best stats to become stronger. If the player likes the game, it is possible to invest in its paid expansions.

10. Warframe

Similar to Destiny 2, but in a different genre, Warframe features powerful robotic armored warriors who face off in the third person with weapons and acrobatic moves.
The game also focuses on PvE (Player vs. Environment) elements, where a group of users can come together to complete various types of missions while strengthening their characters as they level up.
The game is not currently cross-play, but there are plans to make the game cross-platform compatible. Mobile versions for the future have also been announced.

11. Hearthstone

This Blizzard character card game defines the concept of a game that is simple to learn but can take a long time to master. In Hearthstone confrontations are indirect, through cards placed on a table to eliminate your opponent.
Despite being simple to understand, there is a lot of room to collect different cards and come up with your strategies in the game.

12. Paladins

The game Paladins is another title on the list that is very similar to the popular Overwatch, by Blizzard, with the advantage of being free and offering some ideas of its own.
In the title, users choose champions, each with different special abilities, and try to face the opposing team while completing objectives.
One difference is that your heroes can be strengthened through specific cards, so the player can define how he will use his character to his advantage.

13. Albion Online

In this open-world medieval MMORPG players can venture deep into stories and quests to grow stronger. However, the focus of the game is on PvP (Player vs Player), meaning it can be dangerous to walk alone.
A big difference in the game is that experience points are replaced by “Fame” and there are few rules on how to play, even without any class system that forces users to use certain equipment.
The game’s economy is free, with plenty of space for user-created items. Albion Online also allows cross-play between PC and mobile versions for users to play together regardless of platform.

14. Valorant

Developed by Riot Games, the same developers of League of Legends, Valorant is a first-person shooter. It mixes elements from games like Overwatch with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Users have a wide variety of different characters, agents, each with special abilities that make it easier to take on other players.
However, teams are also divided into attack and defense through rounds, in which the main objective is to plant a spike in certain areas of the map and protect it.

15. Genshin Impact

One title that took the world by storm in 2020 was the free RPG Genshin Impact from Chinese producer miHoYo. It is an open-world game with gacha elements.
In it, users can venture into combats against monsters, treasure hunts to obtain chests, and quests to get stronger and increase their adventurer level.
One of the great points of the game is to summon new heroes to form the best team possible, something that depends on luck, especially to get strong characters that have a 5-star rating.

To start your “gamer” life you don’t need all those technological devices. You can get started today with these online gaming tips. However, remember to have a good DSL or fiber optic internet so that the graphics run with quality.



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