The most anticipated gadgets for 2020

In 2020, Apple expects many surprises. Some of the most rumored has been that it will launch up to four phone models, one of them, a review of the iPhone SE designed to combat at lower prices. There are other rumors that ensure there will be up to six different versions. As usual, nothing that is leaked (or leaked so far) of future brand launches are confirmed. And so it will continue until probably the first or second week of September 2020 when the new generation of its flagship product is unveiled.

At the moment, everything is speculation. Empty and fleeting promises but that serve to get an idea of ​​how it will be in a new model. Of course, its name is not clear either, but the pools indicate that it can be between iPhone 11S, iPhone 12 or release some other nomenclature. What is taken for granted is that, of course, it will be more powerful than the current ones. That for granted. One of the most talked about aspects is its “notch” or top notch, which could become a drop of water following the steps of the market. Other sources, on the other hand, believe it will be a “hole” like the Galaxy S10. Its screen, in turn, can even work at an update rate of 120 Hz, which will improve the experience in mobile games.

Experts have also suggested that among the main innovations of the next iPhone will be from a more powerful battery and compatibility with 5G networks, which next year should accelerate its deployment. That will, however, have an impact on prices, which will be somewhat higher in their more advanced configurations. According to media such as «Forbes», the iPhone 12 will be a bigger jump than this year with the arrival of the iPhone 11 Pro, which have released a camera with three lenses. What is expected is to change, fundamentally, its design and aesthetics, which has remained intact since the appearance of the iPhone X in 2017. It is also believed that the AirPods wireless headphones will be included as standard.

Specialized media reports such as “Apple Insider” have fueled the rumors by ensuring, among other things, that all models will feature OLED-type screens, designed to feature deeper blacks and more intense colors. There will be, it is expected, two devices with 6.1-inch screens and two with 5.4 and 6.7-inch screens, respectively. Other reports claim that it will feature versions of up to 4 cameras, a ToF sensor that uses infrared light to map the environment, a new improved facial technology, 3D scanner and ability to record video with portrait mode, which further expands creative options . There has also been talk of the possibility of recovering the fingerprint recognition system (Touch ID), although integrated into the screen itself.

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