The future of IoT and the revolution of connected objects

Networking news The industrial revolution brought many advances, the emergence of thousands of different machines allowed to automate some of the most laborious and tedious processes. Networking news

This meant the liberalization of time for workers, who were able to take advantage to specialize in other areas. ” A similar change is happening with the revolution of connected objects ,” warns Christian Johan Smith, president and co-founder of TrackR .

With the continuous growth of technology, the possibilities that IoT will offer society in the near and distant future are enormous. IHS expects this Internet of Things market to grow to exceed 30 million devices in 2020 and 75 million in 2025. Within the IoT, there is a type of solutions that are gaining more and more followers, these are the geolocation devices.

These units work mainly by means of the “digitization” of elements, in this way a system is created that allows to control practically all the personal objects. “ The idea is to be able to delegate to technology the obligation to remember where our personal items are located. A few years ago we remembered all the phone numbers, instead we now trust this task in our smartphone, ”says Smith.

TrackR is now committed to geolocation through voice. The Californian company team works with Amazon to improve the virtual voice assistant Alexa . ” This tool will help you find your objects by simply asking out loud ,” notes the founder of TrackR.

Another example of IoT is smartwatches. They offer the possibility of using a fully functional smartphone on the wrist to make calls, schedule appointments or read the news. There are also already connected devices at home, which allow you to control the temperature of the home, make sure the lights are off or even to remember where the keys are before leaving home. Internet of things (IoT) has already changed the way of living, working and interacting with much of society and the number of connected devices does not stop growing. The main objective of IoT is to be able to take advantage of the Internet so that previously inanimate objects, in many cases through applications, communicate with people and each other. It’s the first years of the IoT revolution,

Future IoT platforms will offer effective communication between a wide variety of devices and allow consumers to take advantage of these advantages. According to the founder of TrackR, a company specialized in the geolocation and tracking of objects, “ when technology reaches maturity in which users can assume its usefulness, humanity will be free to specialize in other areas, in the same way as automation from the farm allowed my grandfather in Kansas to attend medical school, ”he concludes.

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