The 2020 iPhone could include a Qualcomm on-screen fingerprint sensor

Since Apple left the Touch ID with the iPhone X, the company has developed its new security system through facial recognition, which has been called Face ID, which is already in the third generation, with improvements in the speed of recognition and the possibility of using it both vertically and horizontally with the iPad Pro. But we have already read numerous rumors that the company could again include a fingerprint sensor on its iPhone , and according to Economic Daily News negotiations with Qualcomm are already so advanced that could begin in the next generation, in 2020.

The new fingerprint reader would be integrated under the screen, as some Anmdroid models have already released with greater or lesser success. There are currently two types of sensors, optical and ultrasonic, the latter being the most advanced and therefore the one that would be used in the new iPhone. This type of sensor is the one that has been used in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 with all the controversy about the doubts regarding the safety of the same to be able to make fun of its blockade with a simple silicone case. Obviously, the iPhone would include a new improved generation in which the security would be superior and in which the sensor’s surface could also occupy the entire screen so that we put where we put the finger recognized the fingerprint.

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The new iPhone would coexist with two security mechanisms, a redundant system that some of us do not quite understand, especially those who have “embraced” the Face ID and do not miss the “old” fingerprint recognition system. As I said a few months ago in our podcast, I am not opposed to the return of the Touch ID but not at all costs . If it is to improve the current Face ID, or to give more options to users, welcome, but well done.


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