3 great advantages that 5G technology will bring and that will radically change our internet experience

5G technology premiered this week in the United Kingdom and is already working in South Korea and some parts of the United States since April.In the rest of the world, operators and manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, ZTE or Huawei have gone to work to adapt their equipment and offer consumers this type of connectivity.

It is a huge technological advance because this technology has the potential to change the way we use the internet.If 4G and its versions allowed people to connect, 5G will allow us to connect massively to the things around us.

How Huawei conquered Latin America

With 5G, your mobile internet is likely to be faster than your home’s Wi-Fi. We are talking about times that instead of minutes will become only seconds.

According to experts, these are the 3 main advantages that the fifth generation mobile network will bring:

1- Higher speed

The speed of 4G – which is probably in your pocket right now – is 1 Gbps per second. The new network, at its maximum potential, will be able to offer standard speeds of 20 Gbps per second, according to British regulator Ofcom.But what does this really translate to? How long will it take to download a video with 5G? And a streaming movie?

5G technology is already a reality in parts of the US and South Korea: when will it arrive in Latin America?

According to The Wall Street Journal , downloading a full-hour Spotify playlist was 7 minutes with 3G, 20 seconds with 4G and 0.6 milliseconds with 5G.

If you want to take a movie to the plane to watch it while you are offline, a possibility offered by services such as Amazon Premium or Netflix, it will take 3.7 seconds to download it with 5G versus 2 minutes with 4G.Downloading the popular online video game Fortnite costs 14 minutes with 4G. With 5G the time is shortened to 24 seconds.

In this sense, another key factor is what is known as “latency”. It is the ability of the network to respond to our request.With the 5G network, it will be reduced to one millisecond, compared to 20 in the 4G network.

It is a key factor “for activities such as live streaming a match in virtual reality or for a surgeon in New York to control a pair of robotic arms that perform a procedure in Santiago,” explains the expert in optical technologies for new generation networks, Abraham Valdebenito in an article.In short, we can send and receive data almost instantaneously.

2– Battery Saver

Qalcomm the chip maker, has promised that the first models of phones with 5G a ” battery life of the whole day.”Second and third generation modems will inevitably be more efficient in energy consumption .

Therefore, they will allow mobile phone manufacturers to offer longer life or thinner smartphones.

Dark mode, the function that allows you to turn the screen black to save battery and take care of your eyes

This battery saving comes because 5G technology allows the 4G infrastructure to work, remaining inactive until the user requests processes that demand faster speeds.

3- Coverage even in agglomerations

It is no accident that Japan wants to have its 5G network ready before the Olympic Games that will take place in Tokyo in 2020 begin .

The 5G infrastructure allows more devices to be connected at the same time.

It has more power and this will help save the electromagnetic bottleneck that exists in large agglomerations, especially urban.This would put an end to coverage losses at major events, such as concerts, or as happens at specific times, such as the end of the year and other mass celebrations.

In theory, it can simultaneously support more than one million devices per square kilometer.

Qualcomm, the technology giant that defeated Apple and dominates 5G

But for this to be possible, experts say, small antennas will need to be placed in many parts of the street furniture.

According to the International Telecommunications Union, the infrastructure is expected to support smart buildings, homes and cities, virtual reality, 3D videos as well as work and games in the cloud or distance surgery.It will also allow support for cars without drivers.

They are technologies, all of them, that have been contained waiting for networks that could unleash their potential.What should not be forgotten, remember from the telecommunications industry, is that 4G will not disappear.And although it is expected that the deployment of 5G in many countries will be completed over the next year, the transition will be gradual.

Reference : https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-48477358

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